Can I drive my friends car without insurance?

Can I drive my friends car without insurance?

I don t own a car. I don t have auto insurance. If I borrow a friends car, am I covered under his insurance? is there a special type of insurance for people like me?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

How to find cheap car insurance?

i m tired of paying too much on auto insurance,insurance companies charging 900$per six month,i m loking for cheap car insurance

Does full coverage auto insurance cover tires?

My car caught fire.. The problem is with the insurance companies… I m not expecting anything because I gave liability insurance but my car melted my roomates car… She has full coverage.. Thankfully.. Her car is being covered except for the tires… If the tires got messed up in the accident why won t full coverage cover them… I think the insurance company is trying to pull a fast one

Can my father get iterm insurance ?.?

My father s DOB is 2 May 1947. he is retired from Gov job. i want to have a insurance in name of him bcoz i have two sister dependent on him . so can i get or can he get iterm plan for 20 laks for 20 years.

How much it costs for car insurance in london for 20 yrs old?

How much it costs for car insurance in london for 20 yrs old?

Can I drive my friends car without insurance?BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Is this why women have better car insurance rates then men?

What is needed to become a homeowners insurance broker in California?

What is needed to become a homeowners insurance broker in California?

Best Car Insurance For ME?

I am nineteen years old, have a child, am married, and am in college. Does anyone have any recommendations on CHEAP car insurance? I plan on getting a used vehicle that I can pay cash for on the spot.

Can I drive my friends car without insurance?

I don t own a car. I don t have auto insurance. If I borrow a friends car, am I covered under his insurance? is there a special type of insurance for people like me?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Auto Insurance & Road Service Question?

Hi there, Thank you in advance for helping out! I want to know your advice and recommendation on which company to receive my auto insurance/road service from, and what sort of coverage is recommended. I have been with AAA my whole life because my father advocates highly for them so I have trusted his judgment and experience. But I think they may be ripping me off. I am a 27 year old single female with a good driving record (last accident was back in spring 2005 I believe). Yet, every single year they seem to increase my monthly payment by ~$10 and now I m paying $118.25/month! Are they that superior a company that it is worth paying this and should I try to negotiate with them, or is it worth looking into some other companies such as Geico, State Farm, Progressive, etc. I’ve been receiving invites from them for years and Liberty Mutual supposedly has some college alumni offer for me and claim to be ~$340 cheaper than 21st Century, Allstate, and Mercury…but I never trust ads anymore. I only believe concrete statistical comparison data. Also, my dad said road service is completely separate from auto insurance (although AAA handles both) and I pay $52/year to be part of his joint plan as a “AAA Plus Dues – Associate.†He said he believes this covers 6 visits/year, 100 miles, is the most basic plan, and he only got it because he’s been with AAA for 30 years. Could I get a better deal elsewhere or is this fair enough to stick with? At the end of the day, I want decent coverage for the best price available. I’m saving for a down payment on a home and have to scrape pennies from anywhere I can, but still do not want to be stranded at the time of an accident. I got some quotes online that were considerably cheaper, but if I’m going to be screwed, then are the savings worthwhile? ============================================= As needed, here are details on my car and policy (please tell me which are unnecessary or should be edited): – Honda 2008 Civic LX 4-door sedan – Miles commute USED to be 50 miles one way ~3 days a week, but now I work from home every single day; Notes in Policy say: Prior and Future Annual Mi: 8,000 (22mi per day, so I wonder if they even counted my prior commute in this). – Policy has me down as a student, not sure why, been a full-time professional since Jan 2008 and now make 65K – Bodily Injury: Liability Limits Each person 50K; Liability Limits Each Occurrence 100K; Premium: $193 – Medical Payments: No coverage – Uninsured Motorists: Liability Limits Each person 50K; Liability Limits Each Occurrence 100K; Premium: $78 – Property Damage: Liability Limits Each Occurrence 50K; Premium: $192 – Comprehensive: Actual Cash Value Less Deductible; 100 Deductible; Premium: $242 – Collision: Actual Cash Value Less Deductible; 100 Deductible; Premium: $650 – Enhanced Transportation Expense: Premium: $28 – All Risks: Actual Cash Value Less Deductible; No coverage – Total Premium Per Vehicle (1 vehicle): $1,383 – Auto Death Benefits: 15K/driver listed with ADB coverage above – DSR (Driving Safety Record): 1 Pt – YDE (Years Driving Experience): 12 started at 18, I’m 27…so the actual is 9, but I’ll take it. – Discounts: None except “Good Driver(s): Items 01†and 01 is my Honda, so I guess this means I’m a good driver (don’t know why the price doesn’t reflect it!) – Live in Berkeley, CA (zip code 94708) but am listed as Lafayette, CA (94549) – how do I check which zip is less money? Thanks so much for your advice!! =) I appreciate your time & insight.

Question for everyone…when universal healthcare is instituted?

what is the first thing you ll have done? How will universal healthcare benefit those you love? I know I will go to the chiropractor first, I have insurance now but the copays for the visits are just not affordable. The headaches, neck pain and tendonitis in my wrists are painful and some days unbearable. I know that I will be able to get all the medication that my child needs without worrying about how I m going to afford it. I know several people with mental health issues who do not take medication that would help them function in society because they can t afford it. I know several elderly people who will be able to get the testing that they need and the correct medication. I also know one elderly person who is only working for health insurance who will be able to afford to retire. How about you? I m sure a lot of you know people who are struggling who could use help with their medical care.

If a trucking company is self-insured,what are deductibles?

I ve been told that I have to cover damages in a backing accident between two trucks belonging to the same self-insured company.

A good begginer bike thats fast and cheap on insurance?

I d like to no what kinda sports bike/cruiser would be a good starter bike that s cheap on insurance and gas, I don t want anything shaped like a harley more of a sports bike shape. Any suggestions?

For each car you own, you need car insurance for each one, right? How much do they usually charge?

I don t own a car, so I don t know.

Will my Auto Insurance Rates go up?

I just got my first speeding ticket and i was going 9 miles over the speed limit. it was 35 and i was going 44. will my auto insurance rate go up after im done paying the ticket off. i heard you can take a traffic school to get the points taken off your license. will it still make my insurance go up ?

How much is teen insurance?

Typically how much is insurance for teens in general? For just an ordinary, average car? thanks

Which older cars are group 1 0r 2 insurance?

i need to buy a new car as i now have 1 0r 2 points im only looking at paying about 500 pound but i need something really low insurance as its costing me a small fortune

Can I drive my friends car without insurance?

I don t own a car. I don t have auto insurance. If I borrow a friends car, am I covered under his insurance? is there a special type of insurance for people like me?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Moped insurance?

I m 16 and I m wanting to get a moped. Does the law require that you carry insurance on mopeds? Thanks.

Insurance Question 16 year old?

I am a 16 year old boy, I just got my license. What I have to drive is a 2011 Mustang GT 5.0 liter V8, 2 wheel Drive. The price on the car is $32,565. If both my parents and I are insured on the car, how much should my own personal payment be for 1 month with a normal plan (not collision). My parents have never had an accident and are 40 and 36 years old. If I cannot get an exact quote can someone please tell me about how much the car would be a month to insure? Thanks very much. ***I have also completed a drivers education course that should lower my insurance 10-15%.

Why is my car insurance so high?

I m paying about $1,800 every sixth months, and now it s increasing. I had my driver s licence since sixteen, I m twenty-four now. And I ve been clean my entire life, except a few years ago when I received a speeding ticket. Then I took its courses to deduct points, and everything s cleaned out. But why is my insurance still high?

Is Obamacare really the first mandatory insurance?

Isn t Social Security a mandatory fee/tax/insurance on all working people? Isn t unemployment insurance a mandatory insurance unless you are an independent contractor? Isn t car insurance a mandatory insurance for any driving person?

Corvette insurance?

does any one own a corvette? How much is insurance??

Motorcycle Insurance?

I m wanting to get a motorcycle license, motorcycle, moto insurance. Isn t the pricing ridiculous for insurance if I add motorcycle insurance to it? Of course the insurance company s price differs but generally what is it like? -Thanks

Trying to find cheap car insurance?

I am looking for a decent cheap quote for car insurance, I m 18, male and my car is a 2001 Ford Fiesta Flight 3 Door 1.3L. I m being quoted around £3000 upwards, this is my first car as ive only just passed my test on friday 6th january 2012. please give me some help, thanks.

Car insurance quotes?

Is there any place to get a car insurance quote without entering in a bunch of personal information? I am looking for quotes for a sedan, coupe, and SUV for a new 16 year old male driver. (Im trying to decide what a good deal is, and what is worth buying)

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

How can i get relatively cheap car insurance?

I m 17 and just passed my test as you know first time drivers is extremely expensive to insure. As none of my parents drive I cannot go onto their policy so I m having to start my own policy where the prices are ridiculous for an old car, but my friends have been telling me how there siblings etc. have started there own policies for as little as £1800 an this is their first year driving when all i can find is stupid prices such as £18,000 can anyone help please, please please!

Cheap Auto Insurance for teen?

I live in Houston, TX I ve had my license for about 9 months and had no ticket, no accident, nothing! I have GPA over 3.5 finished drivers ed. where can I get the lowest for manual sedans?

I m a 17yr old male in the UK – how can i make my car insurance cheaper? is telling me it will be £1600+ per year with provisional and £2500+ per year when i pass my test. I m hoping to pass in february and would rather like to be driving to college then :/ I m 18 in november and would rather not wait till then. These prices are taken from quite a few different affordable cars i ve found on autotrader. Any tips on lowering the price?

What is insurance expense and preaid insurance ?

A review of the ledger of Khan Company at December 31, 2006, produces the following data pertaining to the preparation of annual adjusting entries. 1. Prepaid Insurance $9,800. The company has separate insurance policies on its buildings and its motor vehicles. Policy B4564 on the building was purchased on July 1, 2005, for $6,000. The policy has a term of 3 years. Policy A2958 on the vehicles was purchased on January 1, 2006, for $4,640. This policy has a term of 2 years.

Can I drive my friends car without insurance?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Do I need uninsured motorists insurance on my motorcycle if I have it on my car policy?

I was just quoted motorcycle insurance by an agent – She claims that If I have uninsured motorists on my car policy, it will cover me even if I m on my motorcycle and thus I don t need the coverage on my motorcycle policy, making it VERY cheap. Is this true? Are there any con s to doing this? The difference in price on my motorcycle policy is $280 a year without uninsured motorists, and $950 a year with uninsured motorists.

Can I drive my friends car without insurance?

I don t own a car. I don t have auto insurance. If I borrow a friends car, am I covered under his insurance? is there a special type of insurance for people like me?


i m a learner driver with my 1st car that im covering with 3rd party fire & theft since i m not able to go out alone either my partner or dad will be with me while i drive but just say say for whatever reason they had to take over would they be covered to drive my car even though neither would be a named driver on my policy? They both have fully comp insurance for their own cars does this cover them?

Need a car-but how much is the insurance?

I m 25, female and haven t even got a provisional, never had a lesson, live in salford want a car, could only afford one for 600 pound second hand, does anyone have any idea how much my insurance would be about ?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Got a dui an i need some insurance whats the law can i drive some ones car if they have insurance or what can?

Got a dui an i need some insurance whats the law can i drive some ones car if they have insurance or what can?

How much will my car insurance go up when i have passed my driving test?

I am a 17 year old girl. I am on diamond car insurance and for a provisional insurance for a year it costs £850. Does anyone know how much it will go up?

My car stolen and insurance company is delaying claim?

My car was stolen at my school, after calling the police and everything. I was asking people at school for a ride home one girl told me she was busy and asked her friend to drive me he agreed. When I notified my insurance, he asked for a recorded statement which I gave. Then he wanted the name and contact numbers of the two people I asked for a ride a home. Which took a while to get yet i still got them a gave them to the guy. After they contact the adjuster, I called to try to see whats going on with this claim because its been over 30 days and I am trying to replace my stolen car. He says there are some difference in the three statements he recieved and he has to file some notes and contact me later. I later called the other two people and asked what did they say and to me it seemed the same just in different person view and they also told me they did not remember alot…Can these people cost me my claim? I cooperated and did everything..How long can this take? What else does he need

Where can I get cheap bike insurance?

I m having trouble getting a decent quote for my ZX7R, due to my no claims being void becase I haven t ridden for 4 years. Can you help?

How long does it usually take for insurance to approve surgery?

Im about to have chest surgery to remove cartilige due to horrible pains, and i was just wondering how long does it usually tai for insurance to approve surgery?

How much a car? used car + insurance + NY state?

hi, i would like to know how much can a car cost, how much is the avarege? a used car plus the insurance in New York state?

Car insurance in New Zealand?

Im thinking of moving to New Zealand. I would want a car at some point and don t know how much car insurence would cost. Im 19 been driving for a year and a half. No accidents, convictions etc?

Is the amount you paid for your car covered by full insurance if an uninsured motorist hits you?

A friend was stopped at a light when some idiot hit her car and totalled it! Although, she has full coverage on the car(she just recently finished paying off), the idiot who hit her did not have any insurance! The total she paid on her car was $13K. The insurance company only wants to give her the blue book value of $3000! The situation is even worse because the offending party have no insurance! Is the insurance company trying to rip her off?! What should she do to get back at least close to the total amount she paid for her car?

Are health insurance premiums that I pay and are deducted from my paycheck paid with after-tax dollars?

My health insurance is through my employer but I have to pay part of the premium and it is deducted from my paycheck each pay period. I am filing my taxes and am being asked if the premiums are paid for with after-tax dollars. Any answers?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Health Insurance in Oregon?

I m 21, work a part time job and go to school full time (though a little under this term 11 credits) I need health insurance. wondering what my options are. looking for something affordable, maybe 50 dollars a month? not sure, don t know much about this stuff which is why I m looking to get some expert advice from someone on here that knows it! Thanks, M

Can I drive my friends car without insurance?

I don t own a car. I don t have auto insurance. If I borrow a friends car, am I covered under his insurance? is there a special type of insurance for people like me?

Which insurance company should I chose? Which one is better State Farm or Liberty Mutual? ?

Which insurance company should I choose Liberty Mutual or State Farm? It s mostly concerning claim payouts and handling.

Whats the best vintage muscle car on insurance for a 18 year old?

ive heard that if a car had a smaller engine, 4 door instead of coupe etc. it would be cheaper on insurance. So i want to know what muscle car would be cheapest on insurance for a 18 year old.

I am lawful resident can i get health insurance?

I am a 67 year old lawful resident and i do not have a health insurance is there any provision in Obama new health insurance bill

First time driver and car insurance ?

I live in California and im 18 and im curious as to which of these two options is cheapest if my mom puts my on her car insurance policy so that i can legally drive her car anytime or if she can put my car on her insurance which is cheaper ? also if i drive my moms car sometimes like to the store or something and i have my license and the cars registration and insurance with me will a cop still give me a ticket becasue im not on the insurance policy or will they be cool because they just want to make sure the car has insurance ?? thanks

Another pregnancy insurance question?

we live in california, and we need insurance very soon, what is the household income limit to get assistance for a pregnancy

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Affordable health insurance for self employed?

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Who has the lowest price on car insurance? Please tell me how much you pay and your coverage limits?

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I need to get car insurance im 17 year old male see more info below.?

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Shopping for health insurance… un-insurable? ?

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Buyin a car? Insurance driving it back?

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Can I drive my friends car without insurance?

 How much is insurance for starting a cleaning service in California?

How much is insurance for starting a cleaning service in California?

If i get a car insurance quote form quinn direct in ire,for an integra 1.8 of any variety i wont get insured?

tink dat car is bout 180bhp,yet i can get insured on a bmw 750i (5.4ltr Petrol) (350bhp) car and im only 21, try it yourself,i sed im 21 wit full lic and 2yrs ncb, tink it was 1700e aswell, da micra i had last yr was 2700e. also i can get a quote on a crx vti del sol (160bhp) but not the esi (120),insurance companies haven t got a clue!

In California, how long does an auto insurance company have to respond to a claim?

So i m going on week 3 of dealing with another a car accident claim. A landscaping truck backed into my parked car a few weeks ago. I got the company s insurance info and reported it to my insurance the same day. A week later I hear back from my insurer telling me that the other persons insurance company was unable to reach the driver or the owner of the landscaping company for a statement and they could not accept liability until they receive a statement. In California, is there a limit on how much time an insurance company has to accept a claim? Luckily, the gas station where the accident happened was nice enough to give me the secularist film which makes this pretty cut and dry (should push come to shove). Thank you!

How can the cost of health insurance decrease a company s income?

so, a company helps pay off people s premiums by paying off a certain percentage. but the insurance cost is rising, so the amount the company pays off for employees is also rising. well, other than the fact that insurance rates exceeding income rates affect a company s income (because of premiums etc), what other evidence can support the fact that health insurance decreases a companys income?

18 years old.. Fast car low insurance?

In fact I don t want a fast car lol cause i will not get insured.. Or not insured cheap… Just something that looks sporty and can go quick 0-30.. Away from the lights.. Red…amber.. Green… My budget is 1000 for the car

How to find cheap car insurance?

Pay as you go car Insurance for 1 month?

I ve had my driving license for a little over a year now and I badly want a car but I don t necessarily need one at the minute. The insurance is the only factor which prevents me from getting my own car. My friend has a car that is taxed, MOT d, you name it but he hasn t got a license yet so the car stays on his drive. A few of us want to go to blackpool or something for the weekend coming up and I was enquiring about pay as you go insurance, some insurance companies do this, some don t, some have different polices etc etc. Some you have to be over te age of 21, some like the norwich union aviva I believe you can be 18 but you would of needed to held your license for over a year which I have. I can t seem to find an insurance company which could maybe do a month so I can drive my friends car, Aviva was unable to provide a quote due to the fact that I m male and 19 years of age. If anyone can shed a little bit of light on this topic and help me out, It would be mostly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Does anybody know of a cheap insurance company for eighteen year olds?

I just turned eighteen and I m looking for car insurance since what I m paying right now is really high ( 290 for minimum) Everywhere else I look wants like 1000 dollars a month for minimum coverage thats crazy how can anyone afford that? Are there any good companies in specific for someone in my position?

Renting a car without insurance?

I am planning a trip in a couple months with a friend of mine. We will need to rent a car. I do not have a license, so she ll be the driver. She doesn t own a car, so she doesn t have any kind of car insurance. We ll be renting with a debit card, so there won t be any coverage from a credit card either. Will we need to buy the rental insurance from the rental car company (most likely Thrifty)? Any idea how much it would cost?

Where can i get cheap Car Insurance?

here you go a website that can help you find the best auto insurance in your area

Whats the cheapest car insurance for a 18 yr old female?

ok im trying to buy a 2004 mercedes benz c230 my payments will be $219 a month whats some good cheap insurance? i make about $2100 a month but i need to save for something pllease help!!

Can an insurance company cancel the insurance after they found out that there is something wrong?

hi! we just bought a house and got insurances but then after a month in our new house, we got a notice from the insurance saying that our insurance will be cancelled by the next month coz they found out in the inspection that there is a rott on the garage roof and told us to fix it first then they will continue our insurance?? i just wanna know if they can do that or if that is allowed to cancel our insurance after they accepted us?? what can we do ?

Where do insurance proceeds go on a 1041 estate tax return?

Lady died in a tornado. House was destroyed and personal belongings. She got 200K in insurance proceeds, which will be distributed to her 2 kids equally. Where does this $ go on the 1041 estate tax return? Secondly,

New York Life Insurance question..?

My grandma purchased new york life insurance whenever I was young – once i turned 16 years old I took over and paid the amount. I am now 20 years old and the insurance policy agreement was only for 20 years. I am now not interested in keeping the new york life insurance. What happens if I do not agree to a new policy.. Where does my money go.. Can I get any of my money that I paid into it for 20 years?

Car insurance switching cars after 2months?

Bought a car from auction and got it insured ( my first car) but not liking it so looking to re-sell at auction. Just wondering how the insurance will work if i wan tto change it to a new car after such a short time??? willl it cost me alot to change ] thanks

What Is GAP Insurance?

Hey there! I was just wondering if anyone knew what GAP insurance (Vehicle Insurance) is? Is it like normal vehicle insurance? Any information would be helpful, thank you. =]

Can I drive my friends car without insurance?

I don t own a car. I don t have auto insurance. If I borrow a friends car, am I covered under his insurance? is there a special type of insurance for people like me?

Do I need to buy healthcare insurance if I turn 26 in April 2014?

This is referring to the Affordable Care Act in the US. I turn 26 in April 2014, but I already have Kaiser coverage under my dad s insurance plan.

What type of car is cheapest to insure?

I am 16 and looking to buy a car under 10k. I want an SUV but what I hear they are a lot more to insure than a sedan? is there a big difference in insurance price when it comes to Suvs, sedans, and sports cars? For example here are three types of cars one a suv, one sporty, and one sedan. Which will be cheapest? Ford Expedition Mazda RX8 Chevy Malibu

Car insurance in my name?

My mom gave me a car afew yrs back and it is still in her name. She s had insurance in her name but wasn t able to make the payment this month. Can I get insurance on the car in my name even with car still in her name?

Question on best company for classic/historic car insurance?

Our family has had State Farm for 70 years now, several generations, and in the last 10 years or so we have been progressively more & more disappointed in their caring and customer service. Maybe its just the assistants that my local SF agent (who never talks to his clients any more) use, they both seem to have just horrible attitutudes, sarcastic, and act like you are a complete PITA every time you call. I even have an email from his main assistant that I asked her to forward to the actual agent because I was told he was the only one that could answer my question, and just today I was SHOCKED when I re-read the email, and saw in the forward of my email when his assistant sent it on to the actual SF agent, She said This guy will just not give up, he keeps haunting me about this issue! I couldn t freaking believe it. I was going to forward the email to SF headquarters in Bloomington IL, but then as I read more & more about state farm I saw they are completely independent agents in each office, and have literally NO ONE who is their boss or who can reprimand or correct them. This is unbelievable. If I treated my customers at my work place & gave them the rotten attitude treatment we get from our SF office here, I guarantee you I would lose my job. No one is in charge at state farm obviously. Back to my question – I recently bought a classic car I have been looking for a long time – getting it next week – it is 25 yrs old, all original & in perfect shape. My state (Maryland) lets me register the car as Historic if it is 20 yrs old or more. I plan to do this. I contacted my wonderful state farm office today, to get a quote on a new policy/binder for this collectors car. They apparently don t like insuring a vehicle as Historic, maybe the policy is too cheap & they do not make any money off it. The assistant said the best they can do, even if I REGISTER this vehicle in Maryland as Historic & get an Historic tag, which I will do, she said the best she can do is insure it as part time, occasional pleasure use, under 7500 miles a year . Which of course is NOT an historic policy. You can get that on ANY extra car you have in your household even if it is a 2011 model !! She did say (and I understand this being required) that in order to have is classified as Antique/Classic/Historic, you have to have an appraisal done on the vehicle as if it just came off the show room floor -then the premiums would be much lower if you had full coverage on it, as historic/classic . So here we stand. Can someone out there please help me understand – am I being taken for a ride by my State Farm office? Should I shop around for insurance companies that just specialize in Classic/Historic auto insurance? If so can anyone recommend the best companies that specialize in reasonable insurance for classic/historic vehicles? Thanks for your help. .

Which insurance company will insure a rabbit?

Looking for pet insurance. VPI is out of question. They confused this rabbit with a previous rabbit I have. I tried to appeal but they ignored, so I can t get insurance from them. Any other insurance will insure a rabbit? My bunny is young and healthy.

What are some sample average monthly health insurance payments for a 25-year-old male?

If that s not enough information, make any assumptions necessary.

Florida motorcycle insurance?

So I have a small 49 cc scooter that is street legal and I drive through the roads like everyone else. In Florida it s not necessary to have insurance on this small of an engine bike, so I don t. My question is, in the case of an accident that s NOT MY fault such as a car rear ends me at a traffic light or any other incident, can I still claim anything? Will the other persons insurance still fix or replace my bike? Will the other persons insurance cover me in any needed doctor visits?

What is the average cost for liability insurance for a small business and what does it include?

And what other insurance do you need? In ireland by the way

Unemployment Insurance Florida Notice of Determination . Denied?

I got a Notice of Determination in the mail from Florida Unemployment Compensation. Section 2 states: Benefits are payable because: The discharge was for reason other than misconduct. Section 3 states: The employer is not chargeable since the employment was in the base period. The last job I had I only had for 3 weeks. The job I had before that, I had for three years. Before the Notice of Determination I received Wage Transcript and Determination It says I am eligible and states my weekly benefit amount and when my benefit year begins and ends. My next to last employer is in the base period. I have already received on check for one week. and I am scheduled to claim my weeks for this coming Monday. I went to the Florida Unemployment website and went to the link and put in my info for info about my claim and it says nothing about me being denied. If my last employer is not chargeable and not in my base period, does that mean my next to last previous employer is chargeable, since they are in my base period? I have received no explicit letter saying i am denied. My bottom line question is: does the Notice of Determination by saying that my last employer is not chargeable mean that my unemployment claim is denied?

How much does car insurance fluctuate related to a car s make year?

I know the newer the car the higher the insurance, but by how much? Would a 2 or 3 year difference be very significant? Also how much more on average is car insurance for a mid-size SUV than a sedan-style car?

How much is car insurance in schaumburg illinois?

How much is car insurance in schaumburg illinois?

Cheap health insurance?

what is the cheapest health insurance in california? i am male 22, i do not smoke..

Affordable car insurance?

Hi; I recently bought a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am from a used car dealership and need to find some insurance on the cheap side for it. What I m really looking for is something that simply makes the car legal, as I can t really afford anything over $40. I m 23 and living in Harrisburg Pennsylvania so any insurance you guys know of that fall into my parameters would be great; really need this car for work.

Do I have to include my husband on my auto insurance policy?

Without him on it, my monthly bill would only be $44. With him on it, it s $135. Do I legally have to include him on the policy?

How to find cheap car insurance?

How do I find out how much car rental insurance rates will be if I rent a car ?

How do I find out how much car rental insurance rates will be if I rent a car ?

Insurance company refuse insure my house, what can I do?

Hi I bought a house at a auction for £30000 last week. The house is empty (vacated). But the house is locked up and no internal view before the auction, I cannot access this house before the contract is done, it may take 20 days or more. So by law this property is mine, I need building insure for it. When I try to apply for insure after the auction, the insurance company refuse to insure this house. They said: I understand the property is vacant at present.Insurance is difficult whilst vacant . 1. First, is it ture, vacated house cannot be insured? 2. what can I now? Thanks in front

Can I drive my friends car without insurance?

I don t own a car. I don t have auto insurance. If I borrow a friends car, am I covered under his insurance? is there a special type of insurance for people like me?

How much does the insurance company raise your rates if you use your car for work?

I m talking about reading meters where I had to use it everyday, often driving from house to house or business to business all day. And I still have a lien on my car. I currently pay about $60 a month.

My auto insurance covers anybody who drives my car…is my teen covered? I cannot afford to list him….?

Me and my teen have a car. I have both cars listed on my insurance with full coverage. If he is not covered is there an insurance company that will cover a driver of his age without …show more

Any young UK drivers know any cheap car insurance companies?

Any young UK drivers know any cheap car insurance companies?

Can i get a license without insurance.?

OK. I ve got a lot of questions to ask. i m 16, i live in North Carolina and i m going to go get my license in about a week and a half. I was wondering do i need liability on myself or what because right now all i want is my license to drive my parents car and stuff, so would i need insurance for that? And also what kind of insurance and what would be the cheapest way to go. And when i check on the DMV website its unclear on what insurance and what they would accept and not accept. PLease help im extremely confused.

What is the cheapest and best insurance for brand new drivers (16 year old guys)?

also how much would it approximately be?

A rough price of my insurance?

I was wondering how much will it cost for me to insure a 1.4-1.6L car.

If i report my car stolen will the insurance company ask for the keys?

My car was tolen… But i lost the keys to it. Does either the police or the insurance company ask for the keys?

How does insurance on a leased car work?

im getting my license soon and was wondering what the best and cheapest option in terms of buying, leasing or buying used is for me. im 16 so insurance is going to be high. i only need a car for 2 years, after that ill be in college and dont see a point in having a car. so i thought why not just lease a car, but i heard when you lease a car the insurance is high for it. my question is how does a lease work? is the insurance for it high already without me being 16 a factor? do you sign up with a dealership insurance or use your own plan? Thanks for the help

Finding car that was taken by insurance after accident?

I was in a car accident, and my car was considered a lost and my insurance company than took it and gave me a check. Is there a way for me to know whats happening with this car now? If it s been sold or its sitting somewhere??

Getting life insurance for my grandparents?

My grandparents are in their seventies – early eighties. Financially, they are having a tough time and do not have life insurance. As their grand-daughter, I would like to establish a policy that will be just enough to cover their final expenses. They live in the state of Missouri and I live in Minnesota. Would I be able to get a policy for them? What types of policy should I look at –term or whole life? What are your recommendations for insurance companies?

How come I went on geico for an insurance quote and it said 2000 and people say their s is 75 bucks per year?

Im 18, NY, Kawasaki ZZR600, taken riders safety course, any way to lower my insurance?

Im in the UK – how much more will I pay on car insurance?

I took out a £945 insurance on my VW golf with tesco. I claimed one £500 for a scrape against the wall of my drive. How much do you think the insurance will be on renewal ? Jon

What is the cheapest type of car insurance?

What is the cheapest type of car insurance?

Homeowners insurance vs. property taxes?

which typically costs more homeowners insurance or property taxes?

CAR INSURANCE. Cheaper car insurance?

There are 3 drivers in our house (Dad, me and my brother) and two cars (usualy 3), is there a cheaper way to insure all of us on all the cars?

How much is average car insurance 4 a 17/18 year old?

How much is average car insurance 4 a 17/18 year old?

What would be the most inexpensive insurance for me?

Im looking to buy a car. I don t know what kind yet because I don t want to get a car that s going to have me with really high insurance. I m 19. I don t really know much about all this . Any and All advice would help . Thanks 🙂

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