Health insurance how to get?

Health insurance how to get?

Im not sure how to get cheap health insurance or obama care. I dont make that much being a server but I really could use health care insurance though since its been a while since ive been to the doctor.

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Buying car and insurance without driver id in ohio?

hey…i found a very good car deal and i don t wanna miss this car but i just came to usa and i don t have a ohio driver id…(i got my own country s driver id) i have scheduled my driving test for next week but i want to buy this car this week for sure…can i buy the car from owner without driver id ? and if ican buy the car can i buy insurance for this car without driver id ?

Can I lose my job for not having insurance?

I have heard so many different things. But I called my job today and I found out that they are offering insurance but it is to high to buy for me because it would cost $30 per week. …show more

Can I own a car and have someone else insure it?

Ok I m 19 and currently own my own car and the pink slip is under my name but I know if I get insurance right now it will be high so I was wondering if my dad can insure it while I drive it under my name. I live in California and my dad has State Farm. Thank you.

Car insurance?

when someone gets a speeding ticket it affects the cost of their insurance. how many years does this affect the cost? do all forms of tickets, traffic, moving and parking violations raise the cost of liability car insurance? and how long for?

Health insurance how to get?BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Lloyds car insurance?

ive just bought a new car and am wondering if its possible to transfer my old car insurance to this new car? or do i have to cancel that policy and make a new one? will there be any extra costs if i can transfer etc. any advice appreciated xx

If I just got auto insurance?

If I just got auto insurance for my car but my car was crash before hand, should I still let the auto insurance company know even if I wasn t the driver?

If I apply for life insurance through a different company will they know what I told the first company?

I have life insurance with State Farm. I quit smoking on a daily basis 2 years ago but had a cigarette and 1 hit of marijuana on June 18th of this year. I told this to the underwriters because I wanted to be completely honest. All blood work came back negative for nicotine (Cotinine) and THC. State Farm charged me the smoker s rate and said I can get it reevaluated in 1 year. My agent told me I should have lied since it was just the 1 cig. I am not happy paying the smoker s rate as I don t consider myself a smoker. I called an Allstate agent and she says I can go thru her and just say no this time when asked by the underwriters about smoking. My question is, do they have the State Farm phone interview with the underwriters stored somewhere in some database and they will know I smoked the one cigarette or will I be ok just going thru Allstate and saying no to the smoking question this time?

Health insurance how to get?

Im not sure how to get cheap health insurance or obama care. I dont make that much being a server but I really could use health care insurance though since its been a while since ive been to the doctor.

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Help with car insurance please?

Hello, I Live in the UK, I am 22 years old and I have a Kia picanto which is my everyday car. My girlfriend is the main driver and owner and I am a named driver on the policy. I have a Subaru Impreza which I want to use at weekends etc and only little use. Is there any sort of Insurance for this? Its a 1998 plate so don t think I qualify for classic cover. Basically I will do about 500 miles a year in the Subaru and can t afford the £4000 for the year. I know a lot of people will say just sell it etc etc. But I love the car and owned for the last year and do not want to sell. I just want a little help please. With the cost of petrol etc I no longer use the Subaru as everyday use as it gets me about 11 MPG and the Kia about 53 MPG and can t afford two full price premiums. So is there any temp weekend cover for the year or small use/classic kind of thing? Any advice will be very much appreciated. Kind Regards

I need to get health insurance. What is the best affordable insurance.?

I travel within the united states so i need to be covered where ever i go. I can only afford 60.00 a month.

What are the most common vehichle that is cheapest on insurance?

I m trying to find a new vehichle but I want to know which cars are the mostly bought because they are cheaper on insurance.

Am I able to drive my -just bought- car without insurance?

I just bought my car one day ago and i only have the contract but not the title, am i able to drive the car at all or is there a law that lets me drive the car within a certain amount of time without insurance on it in minnesota?

Cheap auto insurance in maryland ?

i bough a 1993 honda civic and i need insurance before i can go pick it up which is gonna be on sat wats the lowest rate im 19 with a full dl never been stopped or gotten a ticket im looking only for liability not full covered

What is a 2005 Mazda RX-8 insurance rated at?

is it a 10 or something?

Question about driving a car with motorcycle insurance?

My mother wants to know if I can drive her car even though I m not under her insurance. I have motorcycle insurance. I live in Florida.

How much more is average insurance on a sportsbike vs regular car insurance?

How much more is average insurance on a sportsbike vs regular car insurance?

Health insurance how to get?

Im not sure how to get cheap health insurance or obama care. I dont make that much being a server but I really could use health care insurance though since its been a while since ive been to the doctor.

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

What car is best for young male insurance wise?

K im 18, goin to uni next year, male ive looked up quotes for renualt clio 1.2 2000-2003 models and got £8400 annual as cheapest. for peugeot 106 1.1 i got £11,000 annual cheapest….. vauxhall corsa 1.2 i got £10,000 cheapest. the cars im looking at are garbage.. worth £800 tops. Why would i pay over 10 times the price of the car to be allowed to ride it for a year, i know im 18 i dont care if im a risk(which im not, im not a speedfreak,) theres risk and then theres idiocy. What are the key things to get a low qoute?

What are some of the cheapest cars to insure for a 16 year old boy?

I ll be getting my license in less than a year from now. I wanted to know what cars are cheap to insure. I don t want a crown vic, I don t want an unreliable car that constantly breaks, and I don t want an unsafe car such as a hyundai accent, chevy cavalier, etc. I want a sturdy car that can withstand an accident, no full size, preferably compact, but I ll settle for mid-size. I was thinking of a saturn because they re cheap and reliable. Or a Ford focus or ford contour. I also want to know if a ford escort is safe and reliable, cuz they seem like good starter cars. Out of these types of cars I ve talked about, What makes and models are good? It doesn t have to be what I listed, and I d like a list or a few cars that are cheap to insure.

Temporary Car Insurance?

I want to pick up a car, i live in manchester uk and the car i am buying is in sheffield, what do i do about insurance when driving it back.

Whats the cheapest car insurance company for young/newly qualified drivers in the UK?

I have just passed my test and have a car, but the insurance is ridiculously high, around £3,300. There has got to be cheaper quotes out there. Please help, thanks!

Will my insurance go up if my vehicle would be out of town?

Ok so i m 18 and will be going to college 186 miles from my home in pittsburgh. I m currently listed as a primary driver on my parents insurance. Will my insurance rates go up just because the vehicle would no longer be located at home? I don t believe it should because if i m listed as a primary driver what difference does it make where the vehicle is located? Does anybody know if it would go up?

Does AMERICA S BEST eyeglasses accept INSURANCE?

i need to get glasses but im not sure if they acept insurance

Will my insurance go up?

will my insurance go up if i got a speeding ticket. i just got a speeding ticket almost doing 20 miles over the speed limit so i am worrying if it will effect my insurance or not and i have two accidents on it too. should i do the class or pay the ticket off?

How does homeowner s insurance cover belongings? ?

Maybe this is a stupid question, but I m new to this. So my fiance and I bought our first home pretty recently. Yes, I m a bad person and did not read through or understand everything in the giant insurance book. I m a bit confused as to how homeowner s insurance would cover belongings in the event of a theft, accident or whatever. We chose a low, $500 deductible. Let s say there was a theft. And I estimate the belongings stolen were worth $2000. What s stopping me from saying they were worth $3000? Or more? Wouldn t they want some kind of proof as to the value? I don t have the receipt for the television I bought 3 years ago, for example. I know I can ask my agent these things, but she is too overly helpful and chatters on and on and just ends up confusing me with information overload. 🙂

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Insurance on a car that my mom owns and registers that I will be taking to college with me.?

I am taking my moms car to college with me(saab 9-5) I m going to auburn and live in maryland, I drive this car every day insurance knows i am the only driver of this car, but i plan on taking the car with me to auburn AL, what will i have to do to do this. I also plan on changing my license to an alabama license when i get there, will this matter? will our rates go up, the car will be kept in the driveway there and only used for grocery shopping

Health insurance for a minor…?

I moving to California and on my own and I am 17, turning 18 in about 2 months, and I was wondering how much health insurance would cost me? and what would it cover?

Where can I find private policy health insurance?

great insurance at a low rate


My insurance for Maruti swift gets expired within a week. I payed some Rs13,000 an year back. Now want to renew how much will i have to pay for it. i once claimed insurance for some damage in car for around Rs 6000. Can any one tell me about this?

Health insurance how to get?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

If i buy a new cbr 600 wat will my insurance cost? ?

im 19 and live in tx hoe much will i pay a yr? if its new or used wiill it make a differece>?

Health insurance how to get?

Im not sure how to get cheap health insurance or obama care. I dont make that much being a server but I really could use health care insurance though since its been a while since ive been to the doctor.

Question about Scion Tc insurance?

So I figured it couldn t hurt to ask about the insurance on a Scion Tc. I m 16 and looking into getting a scion as my first car. My family and I have state farm insurance, and I would co-sign with them. It would be a used scion with about under 50000 miles and probably a year 2006 or 2005. I live in new york if it helps and am a new driver, no tickets or points. So I was just basically wondering how much other people pay a month or year for a scion tc, their age, the year of their car, and the state they live in. Also and more importantly is a scion tc considered a sports car, or is it under sports car insurance. If it is how much extra monthly is that. I would also be eligible for a steer clear program reduction, good grades reduction, and the reduction for taking drivers ed if anyone has any idea how much that would save. Thanks for anyone who can help!

What is best landlord insurance policy or company?

what is best landlord insurance policy or company?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Where can I find an insurance company to….?

… cover all of my insurance needs?

Why do we need health insurance?

People complain about not being able to afford health insurance, and people aslo complain that the health insurance they do have doesn t cover what they need it to cover. Doesn t it seem more like health insurance is the middle man that keeps the price of health related goods and services at such a rate that is unattainable by the majority of US citizens? Wouldn t the tens of thousands of doctors be forced to lower their rates to an affordible rate if health insurance, as a standard practice, was abolished?

How much do you pay for basic liability auto insurance?

I m only interested in liability insurance. Please list your state and monthly payment.

Does anyone know of a health insurance company that will insure me even though I am pregant?

My husband and I make a little over the income requirements for medicaid in our state(SC), we also own two cars so our chances of getting medicaid is very slim. I was just wondering if anyone knew of a health insurance plan that will take on a policy for me even though I am pregnant….we were in the process of looking for health coverage, but ended up getting pregnant in the mean time…thanks for your help…please serious and honest answer only…we are in the state of south carolina. thanks

Cheap place to get car insurance?

Im 17 with my provisional licence and im getting insured onto my car but want to know where is cheapest for car insurance and i live in northern ireland

Is insurance for a motorcycle alot?

I want to get a motorcycle because it is more convenient for me and its looks fun. But I heard insurance is alot? I am 19 I live in California and I have a drivers licensce. I am going to take the motorcycle class that I think is required. Will I get any discounts for any of these factors? Thank you guys

Cop Didn t ask for proof of insurance or registration.?

So i got pulled over for going 28 over the speed limit haha….. It was on a highway and the speed limit was 55 i was going 83 ….. Im from florida and my car and license are all registered in florida but im in georgia right now living with a friend trying to attend college (except i cant find a job cause the worlds slowly dieing lol) But anyways so i get pulled over by this state patrol narcotics douche bag who mind you has no teeth to begin with and in my mind either his mom beat his teeth out of his head or hes a recovering crack head who had lost all of his teeth over the years. Either way he pulls me over and says You were going 83 on a 55 , may i see your license I give him my license he goes back in the car and yeh i was thinking he didnt ask for my proof of insurance or registraion. I would think that he would considering im from out of state. **** Im gonna rant on how this narcotics officer frisked me my question will be at the bottom lol***** So yeh he comes back to the car after running my license and tells me to get out of the car….. I was at this point like …. Ok? So i get out go to the back and he says I asked you to get out cause i see your eyes are red I told him ummm it could be the fact that im allergic to dust and pollen and im driving with the windows down, i rub my eyes cause they itch thusly they get irritated. So i said either its that or the fact that i just got no sleep from the night before and drove my friend up to north carolina. And he then proceeded to ask if he could search my car. Im a month from being 20 and never got pulled over before and ofcourse i said yeh w.e. I smoke cigarettes and when he went to go search my car he comes out freaking out. IS THERE ANY DRUGS IN THE CAR OR ALCOHOL i was like no…. and hes like WELL IF I FIND ONE SEED OF MARIJUANA YOUR GETTING LOCKED UP AND CHARGED 1,100$ … i was like ok go ahead i dont have anything so thusly he didnt find anything cause i didnt have anything . He finds a vitamin water bottle that wasnt even mine it was my friends girlfriends and he smelt it and said there was alcohol in it…… i was tempted to call him a lunatic and a retard but didnt and just said uhh no thats just vitamin water, so he threw it out and then i went on my marry way with a court date and a crazy speed limit infraction lol. ******* heres the question **** Is it mandatory for a cop to ask for proof of insurance and registration or does it even matter? Thanks for reading if you read the whole thing lol Sean

USAA car insurance vs. Geico?

My husband is in the army, and he has been using USAA car insurance, and I have been using Geico. I am putting them both on one plan, and Geico is $300 cheaper a year than USAA. But does anyone have any experience of which one is better? He really wants to keep USAA, but I want to save $$ with Geico. I m just mostly wondering if USAA is worth the extra money. Any help would be appreicated! Thanks! 🙂

Do Car Insurance rates go up when being rear ended?

I was rear ended and it was NOT my fault. I live in California and have State Farm. Will my rates go up?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Parents to buy car or insurance?

How can I persuade my parents to buy me a car or pay for my insurance (preferably insurance because that is more expensive). My dad said he is going to buy my sister a car and pay for her insurance but is going to make me get mine all on my own, even though I have better grades than her in school and I am more active outside – I play sports and do physical work. And to top it off, my test is in December, so I really will only have a car for the next 10 months as I will then be going to university, so the insurance won t even be that much. How can I persuade them?

Health insurance how to get?

Im not sure how to get cheap health insurance or obama care. I dont make that much being a server but I really could use health care insurance though since its been a while since ive been to the doctor.

Can I help a friend with high car insurance?

I ve got my own car, i m 30, and am insured on it obviously, but a friend who is only 20 has just brought a modified car, and the insurance is quite high. Can I be the main driver on his car insurance and then he be added to the policy, and would this lower the price? or if I can t be the main named driver, can I be added to it and would this lower the amount?? Just trying to help him out really, he s skint until the end of the year, and didn t realise the insurance would be so high!! Cheerz Silver

Can employer force health insurance on me?

I currently have and paid for my own health insurance. I recently got a new job and was told that I had to elect to participate in one of my employer s health insurance plans. I politely told them that I had my own health insurance and wish to opt out of the employer s plan options. My employer told me I had to elect, participate, and pay. Can they make me do this?

Car insurance cancellation?

I took out an insurance two days ago with a company called (i-kube car insurance). I ve been told that I won t be able to drive between the hours of 11pm -5am and if i drive, i will have to pay £45 fine ( a GPS will be installed in my car). I ve realised that the insurance is not cheap even though i used my pass plus to get discount. Tesco and Elephant car insurance are even cheaper. They took out my deposit immediately eventhough my insurance will not start till 2nd wk in February. Is it too late to cancel? I haven t received any paper document yet and their website lacks information about cancellation. What shall I do? Should i go with a different company? Would they tell me to pay cancellation fee? They ve planned to fix the GPS to my car tomorrow but i haven t agreed to the time yet.

Do you need insurance on a leased car?

Easy question…do you need insurance on a leased car? I heard that the company you are leasing from takes care of it.

Why would we have to pay a penalty if we refuse to purchase affordable health insurance?

I thought America was the land of the free? Why then, does the government have the right to tell me that I HAVE to purchase health insurance? Just wondering.

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Health insurance how to get?

 My medicaid that i used for my pregnancy had expired…? here in texas?

back in august of 2011 & i no longer have insurance. what do i do now? i called my health plan & they said i gotta apply again but i don t know where i can get the application. i really need insurance cause i got upcoming appointments for me & if i don t have insurance, i m not gonna be able to afford the expenses. anyone know where i can get the application for medicaid here in texas?

Can I cancel my fathers car insurance?

He went on a business trip and it was supposed to be for 2 months but it turned out they wanted him to stay a couple months longer. He told me to cancel his insurance so If I return the plates to the DMV in NY with the receipt can I cancel his insurance?

Can you get insurance with just the chassis number for a new car/bike?

I m trying to buy a new bike and in order to register it i need an insurance certificate. The trouble is all insurance companies i ve tried getting quotes from online only do insurance with the registration number. Does anyone know of any that do it with the chassis number??

Sue other persons car insurance company!

I was hit from the back while sitting in traffic and the insurance company did not pay to fix my car. how would i go about suing that insurance company and what do i need?

Which health insurance is better?

I m 18 and my current health insurance (it s called Neighborhood in NYC) has currently expired. I can either re-certify this or be added to my dad s GHI health insurance, which is provided by the city. His insurance includes copays and such that I ve never done before. Which insurance makes more sense?

Buying car and insurance without driver id in ohio?

What is the best Home Insurance?

What is the best Home Insurance company? How much should I expect to pay each month for Home Insurance for a $300,000 brand new home? Are there things that I should include in my Home Insurance policy that is not mentioned to me? The home is in Fresno California.

I need dental insurance…?

Does anyone know of any good places I can get dental insurance through? Thanks

How is my insurance so high for my 125cc motorcycle?

Well i passed my cbt on the 13th this month, turned 17 on the 10th this month, ive had my dt125 re / x 04 model for about 2 months riding on private land etc, anywhoo, i decided to look into insurances, well first i went to carol nash and got a quote for £4000??? then i tryed comparethemarket, got a insurance quote of £3600? what the ****? seriously, theres not a chance im going to be paying that **** and the insurance place is ringing up saying do you want to buy the £4000 insurance? **** no, any idea s for cheaper insurance places or idea s to get it down?

A renewal company for home insurance?

We ve had three claims in 12 years with our insurance company and the company has put us in nonrenewal mode….is there an online company that will handle our insurance… home insurance….?

Can your school actually check out your health insurance?

My school is telling me I need health insurance, but I cant afford it, can i just give them my old insurance information? Can they actually check to see if its real?

How much would car insurance cost?

im 18 going to be 19 the car i was looking at cost 29,155$ so since im young how much do you think the insurance would cost?

If I lie to my insurance company about who lives with me is that considered insurance fraud?

I have a relative who lied about who lived with her on her insurance application even though it does not affect her insurance and I was just wondering would that still be considered insurance fraud.

Want better insurance coverage??

It looks like that because of the conflicting passages in the ACA that you just might be able to qualify for better coverage by renouncing your American citizenship.

If a 20 year old doesn t have insurance on his car and get s into a car accident is the state of Illinois.?

If a 20 year old doesn t have insurance on his car and get s into a car accident is the state of Illinois, what legally happens? I got into a car wreck in my uninsured vehicle, now I went out and got insurance, and have a court date set up. What legally should happen here? Loss of license? Obviously a fine.. Just give me the facts on this one.

How would a life insurance company know if you were a cigarette smoker?

They would obviously want to charge you more if you smoked, so do they just take your word for it?

Health insurance how to get?

Im not sure how to get cheap health insurance or obama care. I dont make that much being a server but I really could use health care insurance though since its been a while since ive been to the doctor.

Whats the cheapest car to insure when your 17?

im 17 years old and learning to drive a manual. im looking round to see what car is the cheapest to insure. i don t mind the make and model of the car. i was wondering if you could give me ideas on the cheapest car to insure, for both manual and automatic. thankyou.

How much do you pay in insurance for your Honda Civic?

I m trying to figure out the price difference between the coupe and sedan. So, let me know the year of the car, whether it s a coupe or not, and your age. Thanks!

What are the best health insurance plans in Massachusetts?

for individuals available through the Mass Health Connector?

What are the best health care companies?

I m in my early 20 s, have no real health issues, and take no meds. I can not get affordable insurance through my job, and i just can t go without it anymore. I m trying to find not just the most affordable plan, but the best company who wont try to screw me over at every turn (which i know is hard to find). I did some searching on my own, but the only list i could find of top rated companies were all state specific.

I m on a fixed income with 3 cats. Does any cat owner know of a good affordable cat insurance plan?

*I purr..fer to hear from people that already have a good affordable cat insurance plan.

Motorcyce Insurance (Temp) Cost? Possible?

I own a 2001 Ford Ka. I m 18 in a month, and I pay £400 a month for car insurance. I m looking to purchase a motorcycle in the summer, to cut the cost of petrol for going to work, and as a hobbie. I ve been interested in taking up riding for a year now. I m looking to buy a Honda CBF 125. Maybe a CBR 125. Although, I m only wanting temp insurance. For, Say, The summer. Pay each month and stop when you want, start when you want. As sometimes some months im away, and i wont need it. I was just wondering, Could I get insurance for under £60 a month? I m still on provisional bike licence. I just really don t want to be looking at another £400 a month for something i m only using for sunny days/fun. Thanks!

20 yrs old and i m wondering how much insurance would be on a 600cc motorcycle in the Orange County area.?

I took a safety course and got my lisence a few weeks ago and i m wondering if anybody can give me a range of how much it would be. I have a clean driving record and also have another car I could put on the insurance plan. Thanks

Gieco Car insurance $$$ for new drivers?

I m turning 16 real soon but with these new laws i wont be able to drive until I m 17, but anyway I m saving for a car probably like 2k-3.5k range…..ive already saved up 1k but i was wondering how much i need to save up to pay for insurance and gas. (im a guy, b- average in school, ill be buying a sedan, I live in CT if that helps) thanks…..if u could just give me a general price range that would be fine i just have no idea how much it is.

Can anyone take a Life Insurance Policy on my life without me knowing it?

A while ago I heard of a story of a buisness taking life insurance policies out on their employees without their knowledge of it. So, I figure it cant be a far stretch for anyone to take out an life insurance policy on anyone if they know the relevant personal information. If they can, how can I find out what insurance company has written so I can have it DESTROYED.

What is the best affordable device to locate my vehicle asap if it was stolen?

Don t tell me cops or AAA it doesn t work

Car insurance like for like, just like other insurances?

My cheapish car was written off after someone bashed into the back of it. I am brokeish and need a car to get to work. The car cost £400 and the insurance company might give me £200 if I am lucky. Surely the Insurance company should just replace the car with the same or similar model, so I am back to where I was before the lorry crashed into the back of my car. because now I have to find money I do not have just to get to work! There is something wrong here somewhere as it is costing me and I have not actually done anything except be the victim here. Is like for like possible with car insurance?

Cheap cars to insure at 21?

ok so i am looking for a cheap car that will not cost me £££ for insurance the cheaper the better the car does not need to be a top of the range brand spanking new thing for all i care it can be from 1970 as long as the insurance for them are cheap

I Need Health Insurance?

I am currently 19years of age and a full time college student. I am not working but I need to find affordable health coverage. My insurance ran out as soon as i turned 19 and what i paid before was about 10 dollars a month because i was a orphan or something like that of the state. what should i do? even if i get a job now i cannot afford to pay 200 dollars and upwards a month.

Is there such a thing as affordable health and dental insurance for someone that is 60 years old?

And in pretty good health? What company(ies) would you recommend. I live in Omaha, Nebraska United States. I currently pay $330 a month for PPO BCBS a month and it is killing me! Thanks

Buying car and insurance without driver id in ohio?

Is it illigal to drive without having the proof of insurance IN your car.?

I have insuarance and i will be getting the papers tuesday. Is it legal in Texas to drive without the pyhsical papers, even though I have the insurance.

Will pre-existing conditions be covered by healthcare insurance offered by another employer?

I m currently covered through my employer-sponsored healthcare insurance provided by Anthem Blue Shield/Blue Cross of California. If I decide to accept a job with another employer and a different healthcare insurance company, will my pre-existing conditions be covered? One of those conditions was surgery to remove neuroendocrine tumors.

Health insurance how to get?

Im not sure how to get cheap health insurance or obama care. I dont make that much being a server but I really could use health care insurance though since its been a while since ive been to the doctor.

Insurance for a ten+ year old car?

I am looking to get a 2000ish LS1 Fbody (camaro or trans am for those who dont know) and I was talking to my dad about the insurance rates. Since I am a male under 25 my rates would go up a lot with a sports car like those. However he told me that since the cars are over ten years old, the insurance company probably wouldn t rate it very high just because of the age of the car, even though its a sports car. Does anyone know if thats the way it works? or is he mistaken? Please answer the question without getting into lecturing about young men having sports cars and how its a bad idea. the question could pertain to any older car, I m not even sure if thats the car that i want. I m just doing my research. Thanks!!!

Can you help me figure out how much car insurance I d be paying?

I d like to get a cheap used car for personal use. I d spend less than $2000 on it, so it ll be at least 10 years old, I imagine. I m a 22-year old female. I have my Driver s Ed certificate. I live in Alberta, Canada. I have never owned a vehicle before so I have no history of accidents or tickets or anything. I ve had my license for about a year now. If you know anything about insurance, can you please tell me approximately what my monthly insurance payment would be? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

How Much would Car Insurance cost for a 2002 or 2003 Subaru WRX, not the Sti. Anyone know? Thanks! =]?

How Much would Car Insurance cost for a 2002 or 2003 Subaru WRX, not the Sti. Anyone know? Thanks! =]?

Do I really need health insurance?

I am 22 and I live with my wife. She just got out of military. We had Tricare insurance for 4 years active but we never had to use it once. So is it worth it to start paying 200 a month for civilian insurance (Tricare Reserve Select)?

What is the comparison between permanant life insurance and Roth IRA?

Advantages if any Disadvantages if any

Cheapest Place to Get Auto Insurance, Wilmington, NC?

I am a first time driver. I need help finding a cheap auto insurance company to help me out

Car insurance for a 17 year old boy?

Hello Yesterday, I passed my driving test and am, of course, really looking forward to driving. I spotted a Renault Clio I liked with a 1.1 litre engine. It s nothing special, just a first car (which would mean the world to me) I was always aware insurance was going to be a struggle. I insured myself with Provisional Marmalade while I was still learning, so I could drive my mum and dad s car as additional practice. Prov. Marm. have another part to their company, Young Marmalade for newly passed drivers, apparently giving you the best quotes, however I couldn t find anything under £3000! I am a 17 year old boy living in the Northeast of Scotland, one of the most common places for a collision in the whole of the UK. However, I am not in anyway a dangerous driver. My dad has been driving for 50 years and told me he feels very safe while driving with me as a learner, and I always stay within the speed limit, with the exception of if I don t realise I m doing over the limit. My mum and dad have been saving some money for me for about 10 years, but it s only about £1300, and I don t have any more money apart from that. It s not going to be enough and I have really been let down by the insurance, because that Clio I saw was £600. The lowest quote I managed to find was £1634.70 a year from the Co-Operative Young Driver insurance, and with that you get a device fitted in your car to monitor how you drive, and if you drive within speed limits, and safely, I guess your monthly cost comes down a little bit. Anyway, I m waffling on here. My question was, does anybody know of a REALLY good insurer for 17 year old boys who would: -take their price down for one of thse devices being fitted -offer decent discounts for Pass Plus or an Advanced Driving course? A car and amazingly cheap insurance would mean the world to me at the moment, because there s nothing worse than the feeling of only getting 1 minor fault on your test then realising you can t drive due to the greedy bastard insurance companies. Thanks for all the help.

Why did my car insurance premium increase?

This seems to happen every six months for no rhyme or reason. NO tickets, NO accidents, NO claims, same location, same number of miles driven, etc, etc. Yet, my premium increases from $370 per six months to $420, which forces me to switch to a different insurance company that offers a quote inline with the previous insurer s rate. However, after six months with the new insurer, the premium increases again and I m forced to switch insurers yet again. What gives?

Car insurance while buying a car.?

I live in Washington and i plan on buying a car, $700 cash. Do i have to have insurance to drive it off the lot? or can i just go without insurance, i m not financing or anything, paying full price.

As a 22 female driver about how much would a 2010 camaro insurance cost? i have a perfect driving record?

As a 22 female driver about how much would a 2010 camaro insurance cost? i have a perfect driving record?

What are insurance rates like in Thailand. Car, health and home.?

I have no idea what the charge for insurance and I hope to retire soon. I own houses in Thailand but they are not insured. And help would be appreciated.

What s the insurance costs on a 1989-95 nissan 240sx?

I m sixteen & mostly going to end up getting this car & was wondering how much it would cost out of curiosity

Is a saturn sky a sports car?

im a 17 year old boy, looking for a car, heard the sky is a fun and really cool car. But since im 17 and have school and what not i dont have time to for a job to pay for the …show more

Cheapest car insurance rates for older car/no record/liability only?

hi- if anyone knows chespest company, i did a online quote for progressive, but dont want to take the time to go through all companies. if anyone knows cheapest rates-company, please let me know

Will my car insurance rate change?

Okay so I got married this May and my car insurance is still in my old name and my old address… My husband has a couple tickets and accidents on his record… Will this make my insurance rate go up? Also I m not living in the town that I got my insurance in anymore, will this be an issue? Thanks in advance!

Will my car insurance go down if i didn t have any accidents or traffic tickets?

i was 20 when i joined my families car insurance. its almost going to be a year and now i am 21. i did not have any accidents or traffic tickets. is it possible that my car insurance will go down? or will it stay the same?

Tell me how it is right that insurance companies charge young adult males more than female for car insurance?

The answer I seem to get is it can be statistically proven that males are more aggressive,speed and get into more accidents. That may be the case, but I am sure you can prove that a particular ethnicitiy gets into more accidents too, or that people with a particular eye color get into more accidents or that people with an IQ below 100 get into more accidents. So why don t they charge them more for car insurance too? You can say insurance companies have the right to charge more if an event is more likely to happen, like Earthquake insurance is more expensive in California than it is in Michigan. The difference there is that when you charge Californians more there, you are basing it on an uncontrollable act of nature that is almost certain to happen, but when you charge that male more for car insurance you are making judgements about a person s character, making assumptions about his future behavior and financially punishing him for it before he has even done anything. Tell me where I am wrong

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