How much does car insurance cost on average for a 18 year old female drive in florida?

How much does car insurance cost on average for a 18 year old female drive in florida?


BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Who do i call about health Insurance ?

I m 19 years old and live on my own. How can I get health insurance in my own name since my father is no longer w us and my motherdoesnt ha ve her own ?!

Can my car insurance company take my car without my Authorization?

MY car was stolen out of my driveway after i got home from late at night from dancing at a club. I was was very tired and accidentally left my keys in my car. I awoke up the next morning with my car gone. made a report it was stolen, a few days after police contacted me stating my car was found and it was smashed up un-driveable. they put it in a towing company. asked me several questions and went into investigation. insurance called me and did their own investigation and asked me several questions like the police did before. I got a letter in the mail a week later from my insurance stating they will not give me any monies for my car because they don t believe my story. but failed to give me proof of me lying. understand my car is paid off its a 1998 BMW. it was in great condition.I am still paying insurance on it, I found out today that my car is not at the towing place that an agent from my insurance company came and had my car towed away. I was never informed, i did not i sign any papers releasing my car. I have the title. the towing place said they needed the car for investigation. can they take my car without my consent?

Teenage Car Insurance?!??!?

I m 15 and for my 16th Bday I m getting an mid-sized SUV. & I m just wondering about how much the monthly payments are gonna be……? thanks for any help:)

Car insurance question?

I have a question, and I am not sure if this question is applicable to this email, but I guess it s worth the shot. First off a little background, I am 18, but I don t have my name listed under my parents car insurance, I got into an accident upon receiving a 1st offense citation for following too closely. My court date isn t until a month later and because of the accident my parents want to put my name under, but at the same time they would like to change insurance companys, are they allowed to change insurances and put my name under before the court is settled or do we have to wait until the court is settled? All I know is that All I have to do is pay the fine, but won t allow me and require me at court.

How much does car insurance cost on average for a 18 year old female drive in florida?BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

What are my options for extremely decayed teeth and no insurance?

I have extremely bad tooth decay and I have no insurance. I really need to do something about it before it starts causing more serious problems. I am assuming they will all need to be pulled and I will need dentures, or at least pretty close. There are not many teeth in my mouth that have not shown signs of decay. Is there any good options for me that will not leave me in tons of debt? I am not looking to pay nothing, I just can t afford to be left with huge bills that will take me years to pay. Thanks for any help.

Can a person get insurance on a car when the tag is in someones name?

can a person get insurance on a car if the tag is in someones elses name?

What are the consequences of driving without car insurance in florida?

What are the consequences of driving without car insurance in florida?

How much does car insurance cost on average for a 18 year old female drive in florida?


BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

What is my insurance going to cost?

I m going to get my license when i turn 18 (yes the day I turn 18) and I was just now thinking abt insurance. I ve never really thought about it before. So can those who have been through the getting insurance thing help me? Here s some things to add up: 1. First time driver (litterly just got license and vehicle) 2. Did not do a drivers ed at a high school (heard it costs more if u don t take it) 3. Going to drive a big 4×4 diesel truck 4. I m a male And that s abt it I guess. Idk what insurance company I ll be using. Probably my moms insurance company. But I don t know what it is. Also. The insurance will not be under her name (if she can even do that) because I ll be an 18 year old adult. How much is insurance going to cost every month? Thanks

How much is liability insurance for a Home Health Aide Agency located in Miami, Fl?

I am looking to open a home health care agency in Miami, Fl and I am trying to figure out how much money I ll need to start. I heard the most expensive cost for starting will be insurance. About how much will that be?

Why does Allstate keep increasing my insurance rate?

I am 26 years old, in California. I have had Allstate for almost 2 years now, and every 6 months my rate increases. It went up $200+, and I have not had any tickets/accidents/claims, and I have not moved. When I asked them about this, they just said they are adjusting their rates due to zip code. Seems like bologna to me. Has anyone else had this problem? Which insurer do you recommend?

Which car Insurance do you recommend?

The cheapest, but also good at the same time.

What is the cheapest auto insurance in general/in NM?

I feel like i m paying too much for auto insurance (i have aaa) what other insurnce cold I get that will be the cheapest, I don t drive my car all that much, I just want the cheapses rather than nothing.

Motorcycle Insurance!?!?

Im so confused right now. In the past 2 months i have been doing my homework on buying a new 2011 CBR600RR. I have been quoting progressive which is who i have my car insurance with. I have been getting around 150$ a month for full coverage. I was about to buy the bike today and whenever i quoted the insurance it was around 230$. I thought i had made a mistake but everything was the same… what the heck happend?

What is the cheapest auto insurance place in Houston that I can get without a license?

My problem is , i lost my wallet and it had my social securtity card in it, so i have to wait 2 weeks to get it in the mail. I was gonig to get my license because i just bought a car but now i cannot get the reguistration and title without insurance under my name. I put my car under my dad s name only and now the courthouse says that i must have it under my name so that is already 65.00 down the drain, next i call up more insurance places and they are charging me 125.00 down then 65-70 a month. This is crazy ……i need a cheap 1 month car insurance place asap!!

Will getting a speeding ticket and losing my license affect my insurance rates?

I lost my license for 3 months and got an $800 fine unfairly (see below for details) for doing 80 in what was previously a 50 zone and because I m on my Ps the fine was totally way high :L But anyway I paid the ticket right away but now I m worried it ll affect my insurance rates? It s my only ticket ever and I have no idea if it even affects insurance rates but I m really worried too worried to call and ask them because they might not know until I tell them D: I live in NSW Australia BTW if that helps you answer (read this question if you want more details on the incredible audacity of the sneaky police:;_ylt=AookRsU6pku7l6KJOtSFGcTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20121113121907AA9izHx)

How much does car insurance cost on average for a 18 year old female drive in florida?


BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Scooter insurance/plates/registration. How much?

Im moving to portland maine and my work is going to be only a few miles away, i have a jeep but i wana get a scooter for the lower gas milage and i always wanted a bike of some sorts. so how much am i looking at to buy a scooter insurance and everything else that is needed to start off? im thinking i probly gota get plates registration and insurance, anything else? also if anyone can post some cool scooters that would be nice, i want something thats prity fast and almost like a ninja bike. anyways thanks for the help guys =D ps. I know scooters arnt fast, i just want one that is a little faster than average.

What is ment by term life insurance?

whole life insurance term life insurance

Car rental insurance in usa?!?!?

I m going to L.A in october and renting a car for when i m over there, but was wondering if any1 knows good car rental websites and does this include insurance or do i need to get this seperate? HELLP!!!!. Thanks Joanne

Advice for Car Insurance?

Hi, I just been given a quote for a car insurance and it says Annual premium is £3000 and Total Excess is £1000. Does this mean, my total amount of car insurance is £4000. What is Annual Premium and Total Excess what does it really mean. Your advice is important to me, thanks

Is AETNA a good health insurance to get?

my benefits package came from work, it offers medical from Aetna is that a good health insurance provider? What about Guardian Plan ppo for Dental??

How much is the insurance for a fiat 500 for a 17 year old?

I am getting a new car. I am oping to get the Fiat 500. But i m not sure how much on average the insurance for it will be for a 17 year old. xcheerss lovelys x

Does Auto insurance go down automatically after the age of 25?

if I drive and small and cheap car…

What is the approximate cost of insurance for a lamborghini gallardo lp550-2 spyder?

What is the approximate cost of insurance for a lamborghini gallardo lp550-2 spyder?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Cheapest Car insurance for a 20 year old? Currently a student?

Hi Im a 20 and I have no car insurance, my dad gave me a mercury sable LS 0. I had insurance with my mom under Century 21, I got in a tiny fender Bender bumping into a car at a traffic light. Then my mom took me off the insurance. I had a claim. Anyway I got pulled over with no proof of insurance, I payed the penalty for it, how much will insurance cost me? I live in Orlando FL

I dont get car insurance?

i am looking for my first car . i did a quote on a 2001 1.2 fiat punto 3 doors. The quote was £1600. but i then saw a 5 door punto. a 2000 1.2 5 door punto the quote for that was £1989. and thats from the same company. how can it cost more to insure a 5 door car.

Car insurance policyholder and registered owner?

I am 19, living in Florida. My car is registered in my name. My family keeps all of our cars on one policy. The insurance company is aware that I am the registered owner and I am also listed as the main driver for my car. Does that present any problems liability or insurance law wise?

I received a letter requesting that I show proof of car insurance?

I received a letter that asking me to send proof of insurance on my vehicle. I lost a good job in September and the job that I have currently, barely pays me enough to pay rent on my apartment let alone insurance for my vehicle. I just got a new job and will be able to put insurance on my car in a few weeks. I did some searching and I know my license will get suspended! My question is for the state of Ohio, when you haven t been in an accident and this is only your first offense…how long will they suspend license? the website doesn t say. It just says until requirements are met meaning I have to pay reinstatement fee and get sr22 bond. If I can t drive I will loose my new job…I m loosing it. will someone please tell me what to expect?

How much does car insurance cost on average for a 18 year old female drive in florida?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

How much would car insurance be on a 2004 mustang?

i just recently bought a red 2004 Mustang V-6 convertible and i was wondering how much insurance would cost ? im pretty sure its over 100 but how much ? im 16 and its my first car , no rude comments please.

How much does car insurance cost on average for a 18 year old female drive in florida?


Car Insurance Rates long island?

Help….My 20 year old needs car insurance… has two tickets,,, we live on long island just the basics

Question for anyone that knows about insurance?

I am renting a garage that is not attached to the house and want to insure it. Would this be covered by the house insurance or would you need separate contents insurance as its not near the house. If you need seperate cover where would I go to get this?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Does my car insurance help me get another car if my car is totalled?

I was in a car accident last week, which wasn t my fault. The auto body shop said my car is totalled because of the damages, it can t get fixed. The other person s insurance is going to pay it off because of the loss, I have full coverage and my question is, can my insurance get my another car or do I have to get it myself? I got it in April, gave a down payment, and have only made one payment. I need a car badly for work!!

Teen Car Insurance + Accidents Clarification?

I m a 16 year old girl who just got her license in March. A week after I got my license, I rear ended another car while driving my mom s new car that is insured. We got it fixed and only had to pay the 500 dollar deductible. I do not have my own car. My sister, who is 19, has her own car that is not covered for collision. My dad s car is not covered for collision either. My sister just got into an accident, rear ending someone as well. I really need to get a car next year for work and such but my parents said my insurance would be high enough already with both of me and my sister s accidents. Couldn t I just buy a car on my own and not get collision coverage on it like my dad and sister s cars? Would that be cheaper? I really don t know how car insurance works at all, i only know what my parents tell me, so any help would be appreciated 🙂 Oh, and if it matters, I went to traffic school after my accident to remove the points against my driving record (I think that s what it did) My sister had already gone to traffic school recently for a speeding ticket so she can t go again for her accident.

Cheap Car Insurance companies fo 17-20 year olds?

hey im 19 and just passed my driving test, and i can not find vheap enough car insurance, does anyone have any suggestions? thanks

Cheap sportbike insurance calgary alberta?

Cheap sportbike insurance calgary alberta?

Which cars are the cheapest insurance wise? (england)?

I wanna get a car as soon as i m 18, so i obviously want something which will have cheap insurance. Nothing embarrasing mind.

I don t have car insurance, is it illegal to drive someone else s cars which has car insurance?

My dad lets my use his car which has car insurance, i just want to know if its illegal to drive without insurance in california because i don t have insurance.

What is the average cost for car insurance?

What is the average cost for car insurance on a standard second hand car worth about £1,000 like a nissan?

A question on car insurance?

It is the first time we r thinking of a car. Can someone please tell what are the steps to get a insurance? It is a used car that we wish to buy from a friend. so, next what do we do?

Does anyone know the cost of insurance for an infiniti g37 for a 18 year old boy?

Apparently, the dealer says infiniti g37 aren t technically sports cars so the insurance wouldn t be too high for my son. I m not to sure though..can anyone clear this matter up?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Health insurance, pre existing condition?

what is the difference between a pre existing condition in health insurance and pre existing condition exclusion period. im reading from howstuffworks, health insurance but still confuse. i understand employer waiting period. here is the link for pre existing condition here is the link for pre existing condition exclusion period

How much does car insurance cost on average for a 18 year old female drive in florida?


Is it possible to get affordable life insurance and dental insurance if i am not employed?

………and if so, roughly how much money would this cost per month?

Where can I get an insurance quote for my Toyota hilux?

GoCompare and other sites don t list it when I try to quote car insurance… Im in the uk

Should I Get a Motorcycle or Moped?

Me and my parents are having an argument about what i should get. There is a motorcycle that i can buy for 750 dollars and it is a 93 Honda Shadow or i can get a new moped. The only thing that i need for the motorcycle is a new batter and i know this is true b/c i took it to a trusted shop and have them inspect and clean everything out (the owner payed for that) and it came back clean. I think that the motorcycle would be the better buy but my parents say that a moped would b/c i wouldnt have to pay insurance (the state i live in doesnt require insurance for mopeds). I was just wondering if the cost for a moped would be more upfront than the motorcycle would be and if it would be a better buy. And yes i do have a motorcycle license.

Need cheap insurance 18 year old in UK?

hello can anyone tell me where i can get cheap car insurance for my son who is 18 years old. its been 1 year since hes passed. i have 6 years no claim bounes. the best quote i have got so far is £2700 on a corsa 1.2. is it possbile to get any driver car insurance?

Who has the cheapest car insurance?

My friend is 16, has a 3000GT VR4, has his own insurance plan, and pays only 80 a month. I went to Esurance, who apparently is the cheapest, and they gave me a quote for 194 a month for a 300ZX, which has 20 horsepower LESS. I don t even.

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I need to get car insurance im 17 year old male see more info below.?

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How can i make my car insurance cheaper?

How much does car insurance cost on average for a 18 year old female drive in florida?

 OHIO: I m 17, and got cited for failure to stop at a 4-way stop…got in accident…price?

I live in Akron, Ohio. But I got cited in Salem, Ohio. I got cited for failure to stop at a 4-way stop sign. and got in a wreck. my car is fine. I was going speed limit (25). Other car, minor problems. I have to go to court. This is my first wreck, and citation. I drive a nissain altima 2003, my parents own. -how many points will i get on my license? -how much will my ticket be? -is there anyway the charges will be dropped? -how much will insurance go up? Thank you sooo much! sorry the police just weren t very helpful. I have statefarm insurance!!

Should I continue to pay for insurance on my old car?

I bought a new car last month and I called my insurance company to tell them, and they added the car onto my existing insurance for my old car. I ve had to pay around 400. in the last month, for a car I no longer am driving. I m trying to sell it, but it is just sitting in my garage. Should I have to pay for insurance on this car? Can t I just tell them that I m not driving the car and I don t want to pay for insurance?

What does it cost to get registration and tag for a 1992 thunderbird? also insurance a month?

i am 18 years old and this is my first car…

How do I register a restored classic car without a VIN?

What my question more specifically is, is- If I restore a 69 Camaro from the ground up, and the vehicle does not have a VIN number and no original parts, how do I register it? How does the DMV determine the year of the car is 1969?

Will I be covered under my parents car insurance or do I have to take a new plan?

My parents have insurance on their car and I am going to get my license in a few days. So if I drive their car and if I am involved in an auto accident will I be included in their …show more

Who do i call about health Insurance ?

What should I do to get an International Medical Insurance?

I am a visitor in the United States, and I ll be here for about 2 months and I need a Medical Insurance, need some recommendations and where to go, and the docs necessaries.

Does adding a driver/family member bring drive up car insurance premium?

I want let my parents drive my car once in a while, do i need to add them as additional drivers or are they covered under my existing bare minimum insurance coverage.

How much car insurance will rise after an aciddent?

I m 23 years old, and currently paying $100 per month on my car insurance. But earlier today I crash into the guard rail by mistake. I have a clean driving (no ticket ever) record with only 4 other accident prior to it. I guess my car would take maybe $1000 to fix but I m not sure how much my insurance rate will increase. I m thinking that if I were to pay for the entire damage instead of paying a $500 deduction would not increase my rate.

1st Car insurance way too high?

the insurance on my dads name with my provisional license is way too high nobody would pay 2300 pounds, iv put all the correct details in and put on as many drivers that put down price and every other possible way to reduce price but thats the cheapest on this means i need to sell my car that i have had for 1 and a half years that iv been working on for me turning 17 and driving it, im too depressed now and i badly dont want to sell it has anyone got any solutions or recommendations anything?

How much would my motorcycle insurance cost?

i might be purchasing a 1999 honda cbr 600s4. i have no riding experience. i live in NJ. i am 22 years old. i have 4 points on my license (from careless driving tickets), besides that, a clean driving record. any sort of educated guess would be much appreciated.

Do i need to get car insurance or licsence plate?

So me nd my fiance live in phoenix az and we re planning to move back to bakersfield ca! Were driving a uhaul back and pulling our car, and our car doesn t have no car insurance or plates, do I need to get those things even tho were pulling our car? Its not that iam to lazy to get those things, it will jus save us money!

My 70 year old grandmother s car insurance a rip off?

My grandmother is 70 years of age, drives a 2004 (54) 1.2l Vauxhall Corsa for personal reasons only – no commuting, work etc. Tesco car insurance have quoted £350 for fully comprehensive cover for 12 months. This seems a little steep as my father s 2004 RX8 which is classed as a 2.3l, or thereabouts, costs less than £300 & he s considerably younger. Each have full no claims bonuses. Please don t refer me to comparison sites because I m sick of entering the necessary details only to receive ridiculously high quotes from them all. Thanks!

How much does it estimately cost for a car insurance?

Please don t give any stupid answers. All I want is to get an estimate because I have not got ANY ANY clue about it. You can just give a range like £100-£200 pounds per [unit time]. Hint: I will get my car when I am 17 so roughly how much will it be annually/monthly? The most sensible and reliable answer gets 10 points for best answer.

Would my insurance be high?

There is a 1973 Dodge Charger online I found that needs restoration for $1750. What would I do for insurance and would it be high since I m only 17?

What insurance should i get….?

I need to find the best insurance that is gonna be the cheapest. i checked qoutes on progressive and i got a qoute for like 500-600 dollars a month which i feel is too much! what insurance would you reccommend for young drivers? Ive had my liscense for a year and a half and have two points on it

How much does car insurance cost on average for a 18 year old female drive in florida?


Why insurance agent do not market term insurance?

I am working in an IT company & agent comes to our company for marketing ULIPs. By reading various articals on ULIPs, I now understand the charges & I wonder how these agents hide the charge story partially or completely. Some of my teammates blindly sign on the policy parers & get trapped in the ULIP trap. I asked all agents for Term Insurance & most of them clearly refuse that they only sell ULIPs.I want to know that why Agents & insurance companies have a single point agenda of selling ULIPs & not market term insurance.

Can I get free health insurance?

I just paroled out of prison. I don t have a job yet. Is there any free health insurance available to me? I moved in with my brother, who has a good job and his own insurance. will his household income affect my options of getting low income insurance? Thanks

In the gerber grow up plan life insurance will he get the cash?

If my child has this life insurance and lives to 21 will he get the cash of said life insurance amount if he wishes not to continue to purchase this ? or what happens after that? can someone please explain if the policy holder dies, and the child is still young what will happen the life insurance policy? etc..any information would be appreciated..thanks…

How long does it take for an auto insurance claim to clear you record?

I currently have USAA and back in Nov 2005 I hit a piece of tire on I-25. The tire ripped out my wheel well cover and took the electrical system with it. I made a claim that came out to 1K including my deductible. When trying to change insurance this claim came up and uppped my 6 month policy by 300 dollars. It is not on my DMV driving record, can I still get the cheaper insurance thru Thanks a bunch.

How much does motorcycle insurance cost?

I m 17 and live in the Ann Arbor area in Michigan. I m looking at buying a Kawasaki Ninja 500, and was wondering how much insurance would cost for it?

Scooter 50cc and 125cc insurance??

Can you please tell me how much insurance in Ireland would cost for a 16 year old boy don t say phone up the insurance company because i am just wondering how much it is thanks if you know I was looking at 125cc scooter which is insurance group 2 I was also looking at a 50cc scooter insurance group 1 Thanks for answering and please tell me your prices in euro thanks again.

Cheap cars to insure?

What are some cheap cars to insure?

Do I need car insurance the moment I get my provisional license (CA)?

I ll be going out for my provisional drivers license tomorrow, and I was wondering whether I need car insurance if I do get my provisional license. My parents are planning to allow me to get my provisional license, but won t add me to their policy until a year down the road. Am I allowed to drive alone with my provisional license as long as the car I m driving is insured by my parents? (California)

How much does car insurance cost in a month?

How much does car insurance cost for inexperienced driver? I ll be a newcomer in Winnipeg. I d like to buy used car to drive to college. Can I buy a car and get a drivers license with a student visa? Thank you.

If you install an aftermarket radio incorrectly, and your car catches fire will insurance cover it?

If you install an aftermarket radio incorrectly, and your car catches fire will insurance cover it?

Vespa scooters…insurance? Motorcycle license?

I m thinking of buying a vespa scooter or something like it but if I m not sure if it d be worth it if my insurance goes sky high. Do I need to worry about insuring it? Also, would I need a motorcycle license?

Car insurance? (please i need help)?

well im a full time college student so i can t pay for my car insurance at the moment. whats the requirements for putting myself as a second driver to my parents car? ive had one car accident and been cancelled twice in my own name to 2 different car insurance. (family member passed away and i had to use the cash to go abroad) anyways.. will that effect me to putting me as a second driver to my parents car?? .. (with their name on the car) i mean.. my parents will pay for me so i dont see the problem for me getting rejected by the insurance for my prior non payment cancelation. please and thanks for answering..

Question about getting your own insurance?

A friend of mine recently just got his license and he tried to go on his mother insurance who doesn t have any insurance. Well, she tried to go on her own and they said that she had to put every single person who has insurance on, which will cost like 500 dollars per person!! Anyways, will it be possible for him to get his own, and will it be cheaper? Also, his father has his license suspended but that was at least 2yrs ago or so. Do they have to know about this or is they way to keep it from them. And, Do you have to put money down when getting insurence?

Motorcycle insurance full coverage!?

how much will it cost me? im 18 and im going to take the MSF course…my bike is a honda cbr 600rr 2005 i could i put my dad under my motorcycle? he is 50 and no tickets he had his m1 for like 10yrs but not no more i live in pomona,california 91766

Who do i call about health Insurance ?

Health Insurance and Hospital?

I m not quite sure how to say this w/o getting too deep into it,but there seems to be a Communication problem between Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach and my Insurance company united american. They(the hospital) tell me they never get paid by my insurance Company and i have been back and forth between the two of them. Once Mount Sinai s business office sent me a correspondence saying my insurance company told them that i should pay the bill. I think the hospital is lying…anyone have any problems with this hospital when it comes to business etiquette and what came of it..what did you do about it. They don t have their heads screwed on right

How much does allstate charge for insurance ?

Im wondering about how much would allstate charge for insurance on a Range Rover sport supercharged ? Help please and about payments and all of that …. thaanks 🙂

How much does car insurance cost on average for a 18 year old female drive in florida?


Got into a car accident! ): Will my insurance go up?

I got into a car accident a few hours ago..I was turning in to park into a tight space, misjudged the space, and ended up hitting the rear of the car that was parked on the right (I scratched it slightly)…my car had a slight scratch on it too. I gave the guy my insurance info and all that…but im worried..ive been driving for 3 years and never had this happen before, the damages are minor but will my insurance go up? Im also getting my motorcycle license next summer, will the insurance for my motorcycle go up?

Where can I find a good car insurance?

I leave in Los Angeles. at the present time I have insurance with Farmers but I want to change it because it is expensive. I m thinking about Progressive Insurance, What do you think and what else do you suggest? Thanks

Insurance rates were lower in california – for car?

i always have a california car insurance and see that it is always lower when compared to other states.. why is that.. on the other hand,i have always heard that car gettting stolen is highest in californiaso so i guess the insurance premium should be higher then why

Help! looking for affordable health care insurance in atlanta, ga?

i am a single mom recently laid off from work. i have asthma and take a prescribed drug every day. i am running out and just to see my dr. for a new rx is $125 and then for a 30day …show more

Can young drivers get insurance for classic cars?

I ve been looking around, and none of the insurance websites i have been on are very clear… I am a 17 y/o girl, and would like to drive a classic beetle. Is it possible to get insurance on classic beetles as a young driver? If so, where? Is classic car insurance cheaper than normal car insurance? 🙂

Do motorbike insurance count towards my no claims?

i have 2 years no claims on my car insurance and am looking to geta motorbike. will my motorbike insurance go towards my no claims in total

How much does it cost to buy and insure a car (17 year old)?

Just passed my test, looking for a car to use Which is the best car to insure and run, and what is the best insurance quote I live in a bad post code area which is one if the highest rates and i dont want a black box and i need to do alot of driving after 11 o clock

Would my insurance still pay for this?

My car got hit the other day and I got an estimate for it. It ll cost $500 and it s just a long scratch. If I tried touching it up with car paint and whatever and it comes out looking like sh*t will the body shop still do it s work or would I have to pay for it since I messed with it?

Queation about auto insurance in Boston, MA?

Hey, I am 17 years old (18 in a month), male and I am looking at a used audi s5 (4200 cc 350 bhp) to buy. it is a 2009 model with 30000 miles. How much do you think i will be asked to pay for insurance each year if i purchase this car? I never had an accident btw and i dont plan to do many miles.

Are there any car insurance companies that wont force me to be on my parent s insurance policy?

I got my license 4 months ago and I have NEVER driven since getting it. Not even once. I don t drive. I ride the bus or my bicycle everywhere I go. I don t need car insurance. I don t want car insurance. I live with my parents and their insurance requires that they add me to their coverage simply because I have a license. Are there any insurance companies that don t require me to be on my parents plan like this?

How much do you think insurance for a 16 year old?

i live in texas but i want to buy a car year 2004 and up which car would be less expensive as in insurance

Cheapest method for car insurance for 17 year old male?

Cheapest method for car insurance for 17 year old male?

How does car insurance work?

I have a brand new car that has a 3 foot long scratch on the driver side after being parked on the street. It starts over the left front tire and ends towards the driver side door. I am taking it tomorrow to see if it can be buffed out, but if not I am going to take it to an auto body shop. How do I find out how much it costs? Next to property damage, it says $317. Is this my deductible? And how much I would have to pay? Can someone please explain this to me?

Help finding a car insurance quote?

I m doing a project for my economics class where I have to pretend to be a 22 year old living on my own and make a monthly budget for myself. I have to find a car insurance and health insurance quote, but everywhere I search asks for personal information and has to search through my records and credit to give me the right quote. I m only 17 so they wouldn t find anything on me. I need it for a 22 year old making 27,000 a year. Please help me! 10 points to the best answer 🙂

If a vehicle would be totalled by the insurance company?

Had an accident with an 05 Ford Expedition with 70K miles, The impact of the accident was on the front right fender, looks like it knocked the engine off the mounts, oil and other fluids everywhere and the right front corner of the frame under the engine looks bent. On the drivers side front fender it looks like it is bent at an offset of about 2 – 4 inches. Bottom line question, will the insurance company fix or total out the vehicle?

Top 5 or 10 florida health insurance providers?

top 5 or 10 best florida health insurance providers

High Risk Auto Insurance – Where can I find the lowest quote online?

Is there any online auto insurance website that specializes in getting the lowest rates on car insurance for high risk drivers? If so can anyone guide me to one?

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