In what way has the affordable health care act made health care more affordable? My insurance just went up 34%?

In what way has the affordable health care act made health care more affordable? My insurance just went up 34%?

And don t tell me that a 34% increase in one year is normal !!!

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Ninja 250 insurance for a 17 year old?

I have no wrecks tickets or anything on my record for driving a car. I want a motorcycle because they are cool and get like 2-3 times better gas mileage then my car. The problem id my parents complain they are dangerous and thy also say the insurance is like 3 times as much. I live in the U.S will the insurance be a lot, if so can you give me a estimate per month? Also since a 250 is cheap and not very fast will that make a difference in safety and insurance price?

Pregnancy and health insurance questions:?

I found out that I am 6 weeks pregnant, and have my own health insurance. What I would like to know is if I want to get on my husbands insurance for the new year will I be able to? Or will I not be able to get on his insurance because they will consider it pre-existing condition? His insurance is better than mine. My baby is due the end of April.

Insurance for 21 year old driver?

I live in Newcastle and I am trying to get a car soon. I am not a UK resident so I have recently acquired UK full DL. Is it cheaper to insure than first-time drivers as a 17 year old? I am an experienced driver and have had California State Driver License for 5 years and now I am settled down here so I thought I might as well get a license here. I do know that overseas insurance no claim s are not really relevant around here, nor I want to bring my records down to UK and try to bargain cause I do not have great driving records to be precise. So this is my question, would a 21 year old male first-time UK licensed driver be able to get cheaper insurance than a 17 year old male at the same position? If I want to spend less than £2,000 per annum on third party only, what insurance group of cars should I look at? (Every question asked is not asking for accurate info, asking for general knowledge which I need) Thanks in advance!

80 s Monte Carlo Insurance cost?

Considering buying a Chevy Monte Carlo from the mid 80 s, I know that early muscle cars have very high insurance cost, while an average cheap 80 s car has a cheap insurance cost. The Monte Carlo is somewhere in between these two depending on how you view it, so should I expect 69 Camaro insurance prices or 88 Civic prices?

In what way has the affordable health care act made health care more affordable? My insurance just went up 34%?BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

I m 16 and Looking at a 2003 Mach 1 Mustang how much would Insurance be?

I have a job and plan on paying for it myself, I just want an idea of the cost.

Why is my car insurance so high?

About me; I m 18 years old, no past convictions / points on my license. Passed my test as well as Pass Plus a week or so back. Car I ve got; 1994 1.2 Corsa LS (5 door) — Most of my friends have similarly old / small cars and are paying between £500 – £900 insurance. I m keeping the car on my drive, and yet the cheapest I can find any insurance is with Direct Line (£1,600) Why is my insurance nearly 3 times as expensive as theirs? 🙁

My license was suspended and I want to buy a new car. Will my insurance company still let me keep my policy?

I have had my license suspended due to accumulating 12 pts on my driving record (maryland). I did however get permission to drive to work. I have been planning to buy a new car now and I really don t want this to prevent that. However, my insurance rates haven t gone up due to the suspended license atleast yet. If I buy a new car, other than the type of coverage, will my insurance go up because of the suspended license or will that even still keep me on the policy. Any help will be great.

In what way has the affordable health care act made health care more affordable? My insurance just went up 34%?

And don t tell me that a 34% increase in one year is normal !!!

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

What is a private jet s insurance price? and maintenance costs? Averagely.?

For College I have to do a business plan. We are creating a fictive private jet renting company in Colombia but i can t find these informations. It is really important as i is part of our financial statements. Thank you very much.

Why is my car insurance going up if I have a good driving record?

I just moved about a block from my old rental (old lease was for 2 years) so I updated my address at my insurance. The policy went up to about 100$ a month which I don t understand because I have been told I am low risk and in the preferred age category 25+. I have a cousin about 9 years older who has multiple accidents, claims and tickets who only pays 60$. So what the heck is going on? I am comparing apples to apples on deductibles but it seems as if the insurance companies are punishing me for having a clean record with no accidents. I am just about 30 years old and only have one car a 2000 Saturn LW2 that I ve owned outright for 6 years without payments. Even my younger friends who still party and drink pay lower than I do. Is it possible there is false information that the insurance companies are basing my rate on? The lowest rate I have been able to find is 70$ a month… but everything else is over 150$ per month……grr. I am a complete square and only drive up to 5 miles total a day for commute so I don t see why I should be paying so much. I was told by a friend that I should have had a price drop when I hit 26 because that is the cut off for DUI risk but it hasn t happened.

How to get cheaper insurance with an impaired driving/hit and run charges?

I currently have impaired driving/hit and run charges on my drivers license as of august 2010. How can I possibly get cheaper insurance. The cheapest quote I got was 9 grand.. How long is my insurance going to be this bad for??? Help!!!

Does anyone know the average insurance quotes for 2007 Nissan Altima in Wisconsin?

Does anyone know the average insurance quotes for 2007 Nissan Altima in Wisconsin?

What are some cheap car insurance companies in Ontario?

I m looking around trying to find out different quotes so my boyfriend can get insurance on his car! Looking for a cheap insurance company!! Any suggestions?

Car Insurance companies?

I have car insurance on my 2010 ford focus. When i signed up with them they never asked me about my title. it does have a salvage title but they never asked me if it had one or not. I have been insured with them for approximately almost 2 years with A+ plus driving history. I had some small damage that has been done to my car by a citizen of whom I have no idea but that scratch the sides of my vehicle with I guess the key or some type of odd objects. I put a claim in to have my car to be looked at and to have them to pay me the value of what my vehicle was worth. I ve been paying full coverage since the day I started with them. when I put the claim in is when they discovered that it had a salvage title. Theey did send me a check for the amount of damages. this is an out of state check so its not able to be cash immediately. I have two questions I would like to ask. 1. are they able to put a stop on this check. 2. the retention department has been calling me what is the retention

Was to help make health care plan was to help make health care more affordable, what happened?

It does not seem it is going in that direction; it seems like more of a insurance sale for insurance company.

How can i get car insurance quotes without giving out my driver license number or vin? i want instant quotes?

i m looking into getting a new car and the cost of insurance on them will help determine which i get or if i keep my current car. i ve tried to get quotes online but they usually want my license number or want to call me and tell me the quotes. i just want to know approximately how much it will be for these cars. there all 4 doors and i would want full coverage 2004 nissan sentra spec-v se-4 2008 hyundai accent 2008 honda fit

In what way has the affordable health care act made health care more affordable? My insurance just went up 34%?

And don t tell me that a 34% increase in one year is normal !!!

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Cheaper to insure two cars instead of one alone?

i have a 2010 prius still owe money on it,,that i pay full coverage on,and im buying a 2002 subaru wrx that im gonne pay in full cash and put basic insurance on it,,,,im 21 years old,married and have nothing on my driving record,,howmuch would my insurance be,,,right now its 130,how much more witht the wrx

What is the average car insurance rate for a 17 year old female?

In the state of Michigan I just want to know what is the average car insurance rate for a 17 year old female. I am just getting my license in November,/December I won t be getting a vehicle until next April.

Automotive Insurance?

Insurance designed to protect an insured driver or owner from the claims of others is called: collision insurance financial responsibility insurance liability insurance comprehensive insurance

What good are healthcare insurance brokers?

I called one two weeks ago & he was going to email me different quotes. He never bothered to, and so I called him & asked where they were. He said he forgot. Meanwhile I called another health care insurance broker & she too sent me some quotes. I attempted on line to apply for one, but there was a problem with the form allowing me to go further. I not only called the broker like she said I could if there was a problem, but I also emailed her about the problem. She didn t return my phone call, and as of yet has answered my email. It seems to me they must not want to make a commission, so is it just best to contact the health insurance companies on their own? In the past a broker was able to tell me if I would qualify if there would be a mark up above standard rates. Now they say just apply on line and see what happens. Everything has to be on line which always obviously doesn t work. So, what good are health insurance brokers? They need to just do away with them if they aren t going to work.

Can i use my car insurance to drive my dads car?

i got fully comp insurance on my car, does my insurance cover me to drive my dads car?

Should I trust car insurance comparison sites?

Should I trust car insurance comparison sites?

Selling a car but keeping insurance?

my question is, i have a car at the moment with 2 years no claims bonus.. (i should have 3 years in july) but i am selling my car this week to a mate. they said if i cancel my insurance policy i will only have 2 years no claims can i still sell the car to someone else and just keep the insurance running for it without saying so i l have 3 years by july or do u have to cancel it once sold, the guy im selling it hasnt actually passed his tes so prob wont even be insuring it for a while and when he does he said hes gonna put the car on his girlfriends insurance

How could she afford health insurance?

Here s the real life monthly budget of a 28 year old woman I recently met: Wages +1760 [$10 an hour; full time, no holiday bonus pay] Taxes -250 [Social Security, Medicare and Federal Income Tax] Take Home = 1510 rent 600 [1/2 of shared apartment] car 300 [includes auto insurance and repairs] food 200 [and household supplies] electric 50 [her half] cell ph 50 church 50 clothes 100 [includes makeup, beauty, and entertainment] replacements 165 [primarily for her car = 2,000/yr] {used car replaced about every four years with another used car that is about 6 years old when bought. Monthly costs are 150 for insurance, 50 for gas, and 100 for repairs. She has no auto loan payment.] *** How much does this woman have left to buy health insurance with? *** you re exactly right — ZERO her employer offers all employees a fine health plan — at a cost of 700 a month for a single employee [employer contribution is zero]. Is there any way she could possibly afford health insurance? Only if it is free. There is no other way. *** what does this woman do if/when she gets sick? because she works in health care, she aks the doctor who sees her patients while he s at her workplace. he looks at her off the record and writes an Rx if needed. cost = zero plus the Rx. *** Here s the challenge — how do you pay for her health insurance without raising her taxes?? [She can t afford any higher taxes.] Notice that, aside from her car replacement fund, she has no savings, no retirement plan other than Social Security, and almost no assets. One credit card, zero balance, used once a week on average, always pays it off. *** Dear Congressman: This woman is your uninsured target. She almost literally can t afford to pay anything for health insurance; and certainly can t afford fancy health insurance — she s just barely making it as is. [She makes too much to be eligible for Medicaid since she has no kids.] What s her plan for a serious illness? Go to the hospital, get admitted, and go bankrupt afterward. She has an older used car and no assets — nothing to be taken away [her car fund would be emptied for rent and food while she s unable to work]. Tell us how this is going to work — her employer, btw, is almost bankrupt now, so you can t tax it to provide the health insurance unless you also increase health care reimbursements to providers.

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

I am looking for affordable health insurance company for myself, I an single male 40 years old. I dont need?

dental or vision coverage just prescription drugs, dr, visits coverages. and Iive in New Jersey. I dont have coverage through a company and I am willing to pay for a health insurance …show more

How much is car Insurance in Ireland for me?

I want to buy a 1.6 1998 civic type-r (€11000), but am worried it will cost too much to insure. I can get insured on it as a named driver if needs be, but would prefer my own policy. I m 22 with a full licence for 2 years and have 5 years named driver experience with nothing on my record. Where s the best place to get a quote? And if I do how much do you think it will be? (ballpark)

Pregnant: no insurance?

i just found out that i m pregnant. it was a surprise. i don t have insurance. what can i do? i am over qualified for medicaid, barely. my husband is a police officer. to give birth at the hospital it will cost $7180. i called maternity card but they are very expensive and my doctor already said he doesn t deal with them. does anyone have any solutions? i really need an answer. thanks! Additional Details just because my baby is a surprise doesn t mean it s not wanted. an abortion is never an option. it s too late to get insurance because pregnancy is a pre existing condition. i ll try medicaid again. i know i m not an illegal alien but surely being an american citizen i should be entitled to something.

I am a college student and i am looking for health and dental insurance.?

I just moved to texas and I rarely go to the doctor only for like for pap smears birth control and things of that nature. I work PRN an a hospital but PRN employees do not qualify for benefits.I am looking for an affordable insurance until i finish nursing school and get a full time job with benefits? Can anyone help me!

In what way has the affordable health care act made health care more affordable? My insurance just went up 34%?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Should I get life insurance?

My mom and I live together. I am 43 disabled male, and my mom is going to be 76 in september. We have no debt, but no savings. We live in a ranch which is reverse mortgaged, and when my mom dies it will go to the bank. I can buy a 15yr 100,000 dollar policy at 285 a month. We will have enough of money after the Premium to live off from. Do I start a savings account or do I buy the insurance?

In what way has the affordable health care act made health care more affordable? My insurance just went up 34%?

And don t tell me that a 34% increase in one year is normal !!!

Do you believe everyone has a right to medical insurance?

What are the pros and cons of giving everyone access to medical care?

Cars cheap to insure for new drivers?

Hi, ive just passed my driving test and im looking for a little car to get me mainly to and from my boyfriends, to work and to uni. i only need a 1L, something small and nippy but also quite cheap to insure. i know it will still be quite high insurance with me being a new driver, im 21. any ideas? ive been looking at fiat puntos and clios etc, but im not very clued up about cars or what ones would be classed as new driver cars thanks in advance for any answers 🙂

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

How much do braces cost WITH insurance?

i really only need them for my top teeth thats all and i was wondering how much that would cost with insurance.?

What does auto insurance deductible mean?

I just bought a new car but the bank that financed the loan is asking for proof of auto insurance on the car with a comprehensive and collision deductible of $1000 maximum. I put AAA insurance on the vehicle and they gave me a $500 deductible on both comprehensive and collision. Do i need the $1000 deductible or am i good with the $500 deductible?

Will i lose my health insurance?

i am a full time college sudent, 17 years old. i have HIP health insurance derived from my mother. (i have it since im the child). if i change my mailing address to be different then hers, will the insurance still cover me? thanks.

How much increase will I expect in my car insurance premium after an accident that was my fault?

I rear-ended a car that in turn rear-ended another car. Damage to my car cost $6500, liability claims against my policy at $5000. Also one driver claimed for bodily injury amounting to $2000. I am insured under Progressive in Texas

Car insurance rates for massachusetts?

I m a new driver in Massachusetts and I was wondering what the average cost for car insurance is. I read from a place that it would cost about $3,500 and that seemed unreasonably high.

How does the good grades thing work for car insurance?

i am 17 and i have gieco…what do i do if i have good grades? and whats the minimum grade requirement?

Volkswagen Golf SR insurance?

I have just bought a Volkswagen Golf SR (import) 8v 1.6 ltr and I am having trouble finding an insurance company that lists this car. Has anyone else got this model and who do you have your insurance with? Thanks for reading

How much more would it cost if my parents added me to their car insurance?

My parents pay about $100 a month on insurance for their car ( 2008 Nissan Sentra) to OMNI insurance group. I m just wondering how much extra would they have to pay to add me (16 years old) onto the insurance when I get my license?

What is the minimum pricing for teenage car insurance?

ok, my car is a 1978 Ford Fairmont. I am 17, the car s previous coverage was basic liability. the limits i want for the car is just pretty much basic liability. i just want to be legal on the road. no fancy extras added to the policy, just basic coverage. the car so far hasn t gotten into any car wrecks. it s practically in perfect condition. this is my first car and i just got my license. I m not aware of my credit score for i ve just started working part-time. Also, i m a very good student. My current GPA is 3.57and i m still in high school, 12th grade. and yes, i ve finished drivers education coarse. Please, if anyone can help me in finding a good car insurance company for my beautiful Miss Daisy, and the possibly price of how much it will cost for basic liability i would greatly appreciate it.

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Looking for affordable health care plans meeting obamacare?

I ve been looking for a couple of days now, and the prices I ve found are so much more expensive than before, even Blue Cross Blue Shield.

In what way has the affordable health care act made health care more affordable? My insurance just went up 34%?

And don t tell me that a 34% increase in one year is normal !!!

LOW car insurance for a 19 year old Male?

I have been looking to buy my first car (1.1-1.4L) but all insurance companies I have checked are really high like £3,000-£6,000 per year. Are there any cheap insurers out there and what are they? Please help, I am really wanting a car but the prices of insurance are holding me back 🙁 What are ideal 1st cars (low insurance) ?

I can t afford my car insurance…?

I need transportation so I can work. But why should I have to choose between car insurance or food and medicine? Shouldn t the Government come up with a single payer plan for automotive insurance too! Its not fair that I have to pay for this out of my own pocket.

What is the average cost of insurance for a teenage driver per year?

I m 17, and I m going to get my provisional license in about a month. Mg r y parents are going to have me pay for my own insurance. I just wanted to get a look at roughly how much my insurance will cost before I get a quote. Thanks!

Young rider needs insurance help (motorcycle)?

Hello I am completing my motorcycle course this week and will be obtaining my m2 license, I was considering buying a motorcycle. I am a 18 year old male and was wondering if anyone could give me advice or some help for insurance in ontario?. I am aware it will be costly but was wondering if someone had any motorcycle suggestions that would be cheap on insurance or even insurance companies. Recent personal experiences would be nice. Thanks for the help!

Is there a group health insurance I can join?

My husband left his job and we lost our health insurance. Are there organizations I can join to become part of their group health insurance? Who are they? I know I can buy health insurance any time but I can generally get it cheaper as a group insurance.

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In what way has the affordable health care act made health care more affordable? My insurance just went up 34%?

 Is supersmartsmile insurance good?

I m in pretty bad need of some dental care. I am looking for a good dental insurance company to go with for a year. An supersmartsmile is in the perfect price range for my low income self. Please help me here anyone with this insurance. Thanks.

Insurance for Bentley GTC Continental?

I (sadly) dont have one of my own – yet (im working on it..) Just out of general.Theres another new footballer on the go,hes only 21 & recently purchased a bentley.Approx. for someone in there early 20s how much would insurance cost? (I understand hes a footballer,he earns more a year we all do lol..) Thanx in advance xx

17 year old responsible driver that can t find car insurance?

I have a 1997 Mercury Sable with an ABS. I am a full time student and also have rent to pay. I need car insurance and fast, but nobody wants me for a decent price because of my age …show more

Law in regards to company cars and insurance…please help?

I was hired at a company but instructed that I could not drive the company cars nor my own car during work hours because I have had my license suspended in the past due to parking tickets (alot of them, a long time ago) My license is fine now. I have never had anything more than parking tix on my record. I want to apply for another job within the company but it would require driving. I am willing to drive my own car…for insurance purposes is there a waiver or something I can sign which would let me drive my own car on the job which would relieve them of any liablility should an accident occur?

Can I sue Insurance company for not insuring my husband as agreed on the phone?

I didn t receive the policy and my husband drove unknowingly uninsured as a named driver. The police stopped him and took the car. Could I claim breach of contract? How much compensation would I get? What kind of solicitors should I contact – no win no fee type preferably….

Ninja 250 insurance for a 17 year old?

Why do insurance take so long to settle a claim Both partys have the same insureance?

My daughter was hit by a student whos is a policeman with schools the student was speeding neither one was given a ticket We hve the same insurance

Financing a Car On Parents Insurance?

I m 18 years old, and planning on financing a new car in about a month. As the loan and car would be in my name, would I still be able to be on my parents insurance policy? Or, would I have to get my own?

How much is insurance on a Kawasaki Ninja R6 with 636cc displacement?

Im wanting to buy this bike, but all the insurance companies I have found are outrageous. Do you know of any that offer cheap insurance?

Can I get anything from the insurance company of the guy who totaled my car?

My car was totaled while parked. My insurance will pay blue book value for my vehicle, which is less than what I owe and I don t have gap insurance. Now I am jobless and w/o a car, but needing one ASAP to go to school. Can I get anything from the insurance company of the guy who totaled my car?

Which is the cheapest car insurance for young drivers?

Hi, I m thinking of starting driving soon and was wondering if anyone knows which would be the cheapest option for insurance? I ve tried the compare services and found a direct quote from direct line to be cheaper than any of the ones it found, at about £2200 last time I checked (I think). Does anyone know any other insurers who are cheaper or if this is the best I m going to get? I m 20, don t have a license yet and obviously have no no claims etc. Is any good? thanks people.

How much will I have to for car insurance?

I m 19 and I just got my permit. So in 6 months I will have my license. By then, I will have car. Which insurance will be cheapest and how much would I have to pay a month? I know nobody can put an exact price on it, but maybe an estimation?

Should I get liability or full coverage on my car?

I have a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix SE with 157,000 on it. I did the KBB value and got $3400 for private party and $2200 for trade in but I m not sure how accurate that is or how much I d get from insurance in the case of a collision. I paid $4200 for it in 2009 when it was marked at $6200. Of course, I don t owe anything on it. I ve been on my mom s car insurance (I m 21) up until now but I recently moved out and need to get my own policy. Unfortunately, I don t have the greatest driving record; I had a rough first year of driving in 2007/2008 and I m still paying for it. I ve been paying $180/month for full coverage with Allstate. I got quotes from other companies and I found one (AIA, a local insurance company) that offered me liability insurance for $100 down and $100 a month for 10 months. The next lowest I found was $145/month with Progressive. With AIA, I can get full coverage for $222 down and $190 a month. I haven t had an accident since 2008, and I m confident about my driving skills, but I don t want to screw myself over. I don t have $3400, or even $2200, to buy a new car if something happened to this one. However, my car is 9 years old, so I don t know if it s even worth it. What should I do?

Car insurance rates for a 2008 ford crown victoria?

was gonna look at one

Car insurance quotes?

im just snooping around through car insurance websites figuring out which 1 is the cheapest for my ride…so imade a quote or did a quote at a car insurance website which it said how much ima pay each month but ididnt want car insurance my question is when imade that quote do ihave to each month which the website said NOW? or is it just telling when isign up for that company thats how much ima pay?…(iwant car insurance but looking for the cheapest so imade that quote in accident)

I need a cheap insuance plan?

I am 18 and am needing a liability insurance plan. I live in Houston TX, the cheapest I have found is with Geico for 3 somthing a month, and I think that is INSANE!!!

In what way has the affordable health care act made health care more affordable? My insurance just went up 34%?

And don t tell me that a 34% increase in one year is normal !!!

Does anyone know how much insurance would be for a 18 year old male and the car is a 1985 volvo?

1985 volvo 240 dl auto 4cyl. gray exterior and dark blue interior, 4dr

Best girls car insurance deal?

What s the cheapest car insurance available in the UK for a 25 year old woman with 6 points on her licence? Do any of them do shorter term contracts than 12 months?

How much should I expect to spend on full coverage auto insurance on a 2013 Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum?

I am 15 years old, my grandfather is buying me a 2013 Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum ($85,000 MSRP) for my 16th birthday. My mom told me she would only put $200 per month towards insurance and I want full coverage. I know I will have to get a job to cover the rest of the insurance but I d like to know a range of what other people are paying for theirs. The car is going to be in my mom s name who has never had a ticket or accident and I will be on her insurance policy, does that help? I know nobody can tell me for sure what my insurance rates would be, so can you at least tell me what yours are (if you have a Cadillac Escalade ESV)?

FL health insurance?

Can anyone tell me how FL health insurance works? I am moving here from MA. In my state, health insurance is mandatory. What is the case in FL? Can I keep my MA health insurance while living in FL? How much do FL health insurance plans cost?

I am 20 & not getting insurance?

for some reason I do not get insurance cause I am 20(over 18/the age limit) why is that? my parents don t get insurance also cause of the income thing but, my brothers and sister(ages 14,11 & 6) get insurance. But why can t me & my parents have it? it s not fair or right for me & my parents 🙁

Is there such a thing as a joint life insurance plan?

Just wondering if there is such a thing that would cover my spouse and I on one policy. For ex. 20 or 30 year policy for around $150,000.00 where either myself or spouse would ride the policy.

Life Insurance – Can I insure my mom?

I am 34 years old. My mom is in her late 60 s and in good health. Can I get a life insurance policy on her and collect on it when she passes? I can t imagine this being so – how could insurance companies stay in business if it were this easy? The monthly rates that I m seeing seem to good to be true – I d be stupid to not do it. I m thinking I must be missing something. Is life insurance only for accidental death? Thank you.

Do need Car Insurance to buy a used car?

What is everything you need to buy a used car????

Equity Indexed Universal Life Insurance – pros/cons?

I am looking at using this financial vehicle. Does anyone have any experience with it? Good? Bad?

Help with insurance prices?

I was wondering what the cost of these cars would be for a 16 year old male or just a list of most expensive to insure to cheapest to insure. 2006 Chrysler 300 touring 50000 miles 2007 dodge charger sxt 40000 miles 2006 chevy cobalt ss not sc or tc 60000 miles

Cheapest auto insurance for a teenager?

I am 17, and my parent s won t let me get my learner s permit until I can get a job, buy my own car, and pay for my own insurance. What is the cheapest auto insurance company, but with good polices? I make good grades if that helps at all.

Why is my insurance so cheap?

I am a 19 year old male, and I own a 2011 Nissan Altima SL. I live in Baltimore City (which has the highest rates in the state) and have a speeding ticket and a not at fault accident. I carry 100/300/100 coverage with matching 250 deductibles. I also have vanishing deductible, accident, and minor violation forgiveness. I pay 172.00 per month. I thought I could save a few bucks and switch companies, however, I quoted literally every company available in MD and the lowest I found was 580 a month for the same coverages. Thats a HUGEEE difference! I am starting to wonder if something is wrong with my policy. I have had it about a year with no issues, and my not at fault claim went through smoothly. I am the sole policy holder, and no, my family is not with Nationwide either… What could cause such a difference? Any ideas?

What is the best car insurance for Reno, NV?

I am moving to Reno in August and will be switching car insurance companies. Wondering what people thought was the best car insurance company and if anyone know what type of cost I should expect on average. I am from NJ, so definitely hoping it will be cheaper than what I currently pay. Thanks!

Why not make Health Insurance mandatory like Car Insurance?

Why not make Health Insurance mandatory like Car Insurance?

Ninja 250 insurance for a 17 year old?

I m about to shop for auto insurance, but I m afraid it could hurt me?

I know that too many inquiries will look bad on a credit report. The guy at my current insurance office said inquiries for auto insurance aren t the same as others and dont bring my credit score down. Im not sure if he s lying or not. The last time I checked my report, I had 2 inquiries on it from when they looked for the best rate for me last time in Sept. He also said they could shop for me (for the best rate) at agencies that dont go off of credit scores . Why are there some agencies that use my credit score and some that don t- whats the difference? Does it affect my score/ look bad in general to have sevral inquiries from auto insurance agencies?

Insurance Fraud?

I m a 17 year old male living in Canada, and I just bought a car. Would it be insurance fraud to insure that car in my moms name, with her as the main driver and me as a casual driver, while she insures her own car with a seperate insurance company, not telling either company she technically owns 2 vehicles? Becuase she just wouldn t drive my car, and my car would be under her name but I would be listed as a casual driver and have much lower rates. If she insured her own car with another company and told them she only owns one car, I could have much lower insurance rates because I would be listed as a casual driver when really I m the main driver. Is that insurance fraud? Is it legal? I ve heard of people doing that…

In what way has the affordable health care act made health care more affordable? My insurance just went up 34%?

And don t tell me that a 34% increase in one year is normal !!!

Where can i find individual health insurance?

Looking out for individual health insurance plans in India

Is this a normal car insurance rate?

I got a car insurance quote today and said it would be $400 per month! Is that normal? I m 18 so I get that it costs more for people who are younger, but do all young people pay $400?

Can a person on ssi have life insurance?

my daughter said i need life insurance, i know being on ssi they dont let you have anything freely so my question is can i have insurance

Cheapest car to insure?

Hello my friend is passing her test hopefully in September time and is looking for a car now to get insured for September the first with her full license she is 19 but wants cheap insurance? Thanks

What is the average value for contents insurance for a three bedroom house with no major valuable items?

I ve not had to get content insurance before and my removals company want to know the estimated value of the items i m moving. I ve not got a clue, help.

What is the average cost for insurance on a fuel company?

homework help.

Young drivers (in your early 20), how much are you paying for car insurance?

Young drivers (in your early 20), how much are you paying for car insurance?

What is the average cost for a student possessions insurance policy?

What is the average cost for a student possessions insurance policy?

What is a good cheap Car Insurance Company?

I am 22 years old, single mother of two children ( 2 & 4 ), looking for cheap insurance quotes, I live in NC I m not sure if that matters. I checked Allstate and that s the cheapest quote I ve found, but I had them before and owe them money, so EX them out. Any other people, I checked with Progressive, State Farm, AND Gecco (sp). Who are you with what are your companies??

Are Mitsubishi cheap in car insurance?

I was looking into buying a 2002 mitsubishi lancer. Are they expensive in insurance?

Universal Health Insurance?

I am conservative but I go agree that we need universal health insurance. But I haven t studied too much in depth on it. In your eyes (both liberal and conservatives answer please) are the pros and cons of unversalizing healthcare? How would universal health care work for people with diseases like diabetes, cancer, AIDS? What about people who have not been diagnosed with diseases, and tend to only see a doctor when they are sick? What about preventive care (aka mammogram for women, prostate check for men)? What are experimental medical procedures and experimental medications? What about fertility clinics for women who cannot become pregnant? What about anything else I forgot? And please, no arguing, this is just opinions.

Where to get cheap car insurance?

my car insurance rates keep going back and forth and i don t have the money to pay 130.00 a month or 170.00 or whatever they decide to put it at. at first it was 83.15 then it jumped to 170.00 now it is 130.00 can someone please tell me where i can get insurance for at less than 100 dollars?

Car insurance question?

How do the authorities find out that you have no insurance on your car? I know that if you are pulled over or whatever you can be asked to prove you are insured to drive the car and all, that much is obvious. Thing is, I called up to cancel my insurance on a car which isnt working and Im waiting on being scrapped. The insurance company said that its illegal for the car to be on the road without being insured, regardless of wheither or not its being used. As it turns out I am gona have to keep theinsurance for a few extra days until the car is uplifted, but it got me thinking. If Im not using the car then theres no chance Id be pulled over, so is there any actual way that anyone would find out a car in that position wasnt insured? Other than something like tha handbrake slipping and it rolling into the parked car in front or something. Cheers!

Car insurance and full time employment?

After playing about on comparison websites I ve noticed that with the same companies it s about £100 less if I am in full time employment compared to being a mature student with a part time job…why is this?

Life insurance question?

Does a person have to pay taxes on the proceeds of a life insurance policy?

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is suppose to be used as a protection of income. In case you die, your family is protected from devastation of substantial income loss. But, many insurance companies are selling it as an additional source of income or as an investment, which is really is not. Therefore, many families who have life insurance are underinsured because these cash value life insurance are very expensive. If you are using life insurance solely for the purpose of saving up for a goal or emergency, why aren t you investing it in mutual funds or put it into an IRA? If you are afraid of the stock market, then open a money market account. If you are saving up for your kids education, then open a 529 plan. All these alternative ways are better than keeping your money in a life insurance because you never have to pay it back if you use them. As to life insurance, if you use any of the cash value, you will have to pay it back with interest.

What size alloy wheels will change the insurance of a car (read details)?

right i ve been looking at cars to buy for ages now and as I m a seventeen year old boy insurance is ridiculous as it is. Finding cars that i can afford to buy and insure is hard. I have found a few perfect cars, however a couple of them have alloy wheels instead of the standard manufacture ones. I will quote my insurance website so you can help me out: Replacement of factory fitted wheels with Alloys of the same size this doesn t alter my insurance quote one bit. Replacement of factory fitted wheels with wheels / tyres of a non standard size or specification This means i cannot get insured at all; they won t have me with them. So my question is, if a 1998 Peugeot 306 has 16 inch white wolfrace alloys, does this mean i can t get insured or not? This might be a stupid question, just want to get it right, thanks for you time, means a lot Alex.

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