How much would it cost to insure a Toyota 1985 corolla AE86?

How much would it cost to insure a Toyota 1985 corolla AE86?

I m 18 and I am still under my parents insurance. I ve only been driving on my own for a month or so. The car is a two door coupe.

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Will car insurance cost more if i fail my road test?

I just failed my G1 exit test, and I am wondering if this will affect my insurance once I do pass

Is marriage really that important?

Is marriage really that important?

Will my insurance rates go up because of my dad s ticket?

My dad got a speeding ticket tonight. I am under my parents car insurance, but I still pay myself and they bill me directly, but because there are three cars under the policy it cost less for me and that is why I choose to be on their policy. I own my car. But will my premium go up now because of his speeding ticket?

What is a good affordable health plan to get?

I am a single 25 year old healthy male. Are there any truly affordable health plans out there for me? And don t say that $300 a month is affordable, because its not. I don t need any major medical coverage. I haven t had insurance for 6 years and haven t been to the doctor in those six years. However, my eyesight isn t great, so vision coverage would be good. I also want dental coverage as well. Any suggestions?

How much would it cost to insure a Toyota 1985 corolla AE86?BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Adding newborn to insurance policy?

I have a family medical plan and added my son as a dependent 4 days after his birth online. I received a bill in the mail stating my son was uninsured so I called my insurance company. They stated it could take up to 4 weeks for processing. I followed their advice and now my son is out of the 30 day window and they are claiming I failed to check a box to enroll him in my family coverage. Trying to appeal. Am I out of luck?

Should i get insurance or not?

Im a 17 year old girl and i recently passed my driving test in the middle of October. I ve bought myself a Corsa and found that the cheapest insurance is £1500. My mum is going to pay half of this aslong as i pay the other half, tax, mot and petrol which i think is completely reasonable. I can afford all this with money I get through college, but it leaves me with pretty much zero to spare. I ve applied for about 30 jobs and have got either turned down or simply no answer back. Im someone that likes to have money but i also want the freedom of being able to jump in my car and go wherever I want. Do you think I should go for it? Or wait until i find a job which will enable me to have more income?

How much Michigan will fine me if I drive without insurance?

I was driving and accidentally a police officer stopped me because I crossed the red light, and he requested my car insurance but I don t have one. Now I got a ticket and a fine for driving without car insurance. How much will Michigan state fine me?

How much would it cost to insure a Toyota 1985 corolla AE86?

I m 18 and I am still under my parents insurance. I ve only been driving on my own for a month or so. The car is a two door coupe.

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

What does health insurance cover?

i recently turned 18 and am in need of Knee surgury. if i got health insurance right now, would it cover the surgury? or would it be like trying to get a totaled car insured? if insurance doesn t cover it, what should i do? i live in NJ.

What car insurance is cheap for young people?

What car insurance is cheap for young people?

Rough estimate of my car insurance cost?

24 year old male, no accidents/tickets, 2010 bmw 3-series or 2010 audi A4 With that in mind, what s a rough estimate of what the car insurance would cost?

If i cancel my auto insurance before the 6 months are up will i get money back?

i gave 730 dollars for 6 months of insurance in april and it expires in september…but im selling my car an not driving it and want to take the insurance off….will i get money back after i prepaid for 6 months even tho i didnt use all 6 months?

If I report an auto insurance claim under my comprehensive, does it count against me?

Not sure whether to report an damage to my vehicle. I estimate the cost to be about $ 500.00 +. My deductable is $ 500.00. Any info will help 🙂

Which is the cheapest car insurance in Louisiana?

Which is the cheapest car insurance in Louisiana?

Car Insurance claim… not sure if it s my fault… how much will my insurance go up?

I live in California and got into an accident with a city bus. I was going to make a left turn in an intersection when the light turned yellow, so I stopped. The bus driver thought I was going to go through the yellow light, so he stepped on the accelerator and bumped into me. Is it my fault for stopping so quickly or his fault for bumping into me? If it s not my fault, will my insurance go up too? How long will it take to bring it back down? I got a hole in my bumper and I think I have to replace the whole thing. Will the driver s insurance cover for it? Thanks ^^

Hit a mailbox, will cost $2,500 to fix, how much will my insurance go up?

The other night i crashed into a mailbox. It was completely my fault and it will cost $2,500 to fix it. I was wondering how much my insurance premium will go up per year about? I am 20 years old and have gotten 1 ticket before.

How much would it cost to insure a Toyota 1985 corolla AE86?

I m 18 and I am still under my parents insurance. I ve only been driving on my own for a month or so. The car is a two door coupe.

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

How much would auto insurance cost for a 1996 dodge viper?

I just need some sort of estimate.

Car crash not my fault. Will it affect the cost of my insurance?

A guy crashed into me the other day, admitted it was completely his fault. I contacted a legal firm who talks to my insurance company and the other guys insurers. He has said I did nothing wrong and it was completely his fault. Will the cost of my insurance go up because of this? Or will there be no change as I was not at fault?

Where do I look for health insurance after Heart Surgery? Dropped by current provider..?

After having a valve replaced last fall my insurance opted not to renew my policy. I am 63 and currently have a short term policy that only can be renewed once and then I am out of luck. Where can I look for coverage? I d take something even if it excluded my prior condition even though I am now much healtier than I was before the surgery.

Staying on parents health insurance in NJ?

As the title states, I am wondering if I am eligible to stay on my parent s health insurance (we live in New Jersey and my dad gets the family insurance through his job in Delaware). I am 23 years old, not in school, and my job offers health insurance. I have read that the law allows children under the age of 27 to remain on their parent s health insurance UNLESS the kid s job offers health insurance. As I stated, mine does offer it. HOWEVER, an older coworker of mine told me that her children were able to stay on the family health insurance until age 27 even though the kids work offered insurance because the cost of the insurance at the child s job was over $25 per week. The cheapest policy at my job will cost me just over $30 per week. Unfortunately, I have not found any trace of this $25 rule anywhere online. Is this a true policy? If insurance isn t offered cheaply enough, can I stay on my parent s policy? Can anyone shed some light on this?

Insurance will go up for me?

My sister drove my car and was hit from behind. Her insurance is not under my policy. Will this affect my insurance premium? I just had a accident last month also (I hit something on the road which cost $6000 to repair and my insurance covered it without increasing my premium).

Does insuring a family member/friend on your car make insurance cheaper?

Does insuring a family member/friend on your car make insurance cheaper?

Do classic/muscle cars cost more to insure?

Im 16 years old with my driving permit going to be g2 in a few months (can drive alone with g2) Im looking to get a classic or muscle car so cars such as late 60 s camaro or mustangs to something later such as late 80 s monte carlos the car will likely be a project (im up for a small to medium restoration) so id try to get antique insurance? my cousin has antique insurance on his 81 camaro thats almost mint and its been appraised and everything and he can drive it on weekends and theres a set km s that he can drive according to his insurance im fully able to do a restoration as ive worked in an auto shop and I know a bunch of parts suppliers & garages (including one of my cousins) basically ive got the place, the tools, the know-how (im an auto student) and a parts suppliers anyways what I want to do is have it on my dads insurance, his record has been clean since started driving which around 30 years do insurance companies charge more for say cars that have options such as SS or other things that make is look sporty or make the car faster (bigger & better engine) say car with a 267 chevy v8 would be less insurance than one with a 350 v8? is it cheaper to say my dads the primary driver while I drive it? do older cars generally have cheaper insurance? is there such a thing as project car insurance? (do I even have to have insurance on a project if im not driving it say for a month?) im just so confused with all the insurance talk like premiums and deductibles etc etc.

Have Democrats forgotten that Candidate Obama opposed forcing people to buy health insurance? As Obama said in the January 31st primary debate: Senator Clinton. . . believes that we have to force people who don t have health insurance to buy it. Otherwise, there will be a lot of people who don t get it. I don t see those folks. And I think that it is important for us to recognize that if, in fact, you are going to mandate the purchase of insurance and it s not affordable, then there s going to have to be some enforcement mechanism that the government uses. And they may charge people who already don t have health care fines, or have to take it out of their paychecks. And that, I don t think, is helping those without health insurance. That is a genuine difference.

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Car insurance for a first time driver?

i am currently looking for cheap car insurance but i can t get it any lower than £3,060 does anyone else know companys that specialize in first time drivers ?

Would car insurance be less if i got an older car/truck?

like from the 1980 to 2000? and would a pickup truck cost less to insure than a small car? im 18 if that helps any.

Will be any prob to get insurance?

Hi I stay in Kolkata. I hav red pulsar 135 . now I want to change my pulsar colour fuly like i want to do white paint job in my pulsar . my qes is if i changed my bike colour will i hav to face any prob to gettng my bike insurance ? thanks

Change in Health insurance? Or not?

First, I hate insurance companies. I really don t understand how they can continue to get away with the cherry picking of clients to minimize their losses…I myself have health insurance through my employer, however when I was between jobs at one point I applied for short term coverage and was denied because I had previously had an abnormal pap smear…I was furious!!! My quesiton is – how do you think private health insurance will be impacted, IF AT ALL, if Obama gets elected this fall?

How much would it cost to insure a Toyota 1985 corolla AE86?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Does anyone know the cheapest auto insurance?

In florida that is? i m 18 and trying to buy my first car. I m almost to my car cost mark and I know that i m going to have to be ready to buy auto insurance….and I m not bankin lol.

How much would it cost to insure a Toyota 1985 corolla AE86?

I m 18 and I am still under my parents insurance. I ve only been driving on my own for a month or so. The car is a two door coupe.

Do I have to add my roommate on my auto insurance policy?

My roommate and I each have a car but we don t share the same insurance policy. He has his own and I have mine. I just got auto insurance for my new car and the agent was telling me that I should add people living with me, but his driving record is bad and I don t want it to raise my premium. The agent said that anyone who doesn t live with me can drive my car and they ll be covered, but because my roommate lives with me, he won t be covered even though he has a different policy.

Insurance cost for a 16 year old with a 1986 iroc camaro?

I m 16 have a 1986 iroc camaro 350ci and i live in an average neighborhood in western ny i m a male. any insurance guestimates? I m gonna need to be on my own plan.

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Will my car insurance increase due to a traffic violation?

I have 2 ticket s prior last night 2 of which were speeding and last night s is a traffic violation. 1 ticket was paid for and had to do some traffic school 2nd ticket i paid for but did not go to traffic school that s when i noticed that my insurance rates went up due to a speeding ticket. The ticket from last night was infraction of a wrongful left turn from oncoming traffic should have yield. Now i will pay for the ticket aswell as attend traffic school will my insurance rate go up?

Insurance costs for a 17 year old for a car/quad/bike?

what would be the (rough) cost to insure; say a small engined car (1.2l ish), a mid sized quad (400cc ish) or a bike (between 125 and 600cc)? what would be the cheapest for a 17 year old? (geussing the bike then the quad then the car?) any help would be appreciated 🙂 cheers dougie

Alamo insurance coverage?

i am going to renting a car through Alamo and i only have liability coverage through my insurance plan,how much will it cost for 10 days of coverage? what are my options?

Car Insurance pricing question?

I m trying to understand how the insurance for each of our cars gets chosen. We have a 2007 gmc yukon XL (biggest of the 3), a 97 mercury grand marquis LS, and a 2001 gmc Sierra (pickup). Of these 3, the grand marquis is the most expensive, then sierra, and the cheapest insurance belongs to the yukon. Just trying to figure out how this works…

Why is there a huge difference in insurance quotes if all info is the same?

I m shopping around for insurance quotes because I thought my car insurance was too high. Progressive gave me a very low quote, which I was happy about. It was what I thought I should be paying compared to friends I ve talked with. All the other quotes from the other insurance companies were in the same price range and very high. I began to worry that Progressive had some incorrect info, so I called them back, we went over all the info again, and everything is right. They even emailed my quote to me and it s all correct. Should I be worried that the quote is so low or is Progressive just being competetive?

How much would it cost to insure a learner driver on a diesel skoda octivia?

Basically I am a learner driver and I d like to know how much it would cost to be insured on my dads Skoda octivia diesel (as a learner). If someone could find out I d preferably like to know how much it would cost under the AA as thats what my dad is on, along with the price I d also like to know if its good or bad since I don t know whats considered expensive for learner driver insurance on cars like this.

Cheapest way to get Car Insurance for a 19 year old male, in Ontario?

I am a 19 year old male university student in Ontario Canada. I live at home in the summer and only one hour from home during the school year for my studies. I would like to purchase my own car for everyday driving. However, I know that I would not be able to afford the ridiculous insurance there is for a male driver that is under 25 and listed as the primary driver. I have heard of ways to get around this, such as getting listed as a secondary driver and having my dad as the primary driver and just me as a temporary driver. Doing this is kind of lying, as I would be having the car all the time in the school year and then bring it home with me when I work at home. I don t think it would matter though, I doubt it is risky that if I did need a claim they would investigate how much I had the car… But what my dad seems to think is that he can only have a certain amount of cars listed as him as primary. My mom and dad live together and together own a 1994 Intrepid, 2003 Cadillac CTS and a 1988 Corvette (that is insured for only 5 months a year, stored in the winter). I am only insured as a temporary driver on the Intrepid as it is too expensive for anything else. I also have a 21 year old sister who is in the same situation (lives at home for 4 months a year) but she has just bought her own car and is her own primary driver. So I don t think that should affect me at all, it is cheap enough for a female to get primary insurance at this age. So now I want to buy a sports car. I am 100% sure I want to buy a car that is not common, its just something I am stubborn about and so I know that insurance will be more this way. Specifically I was looking at an Audi tt, BMW 300 series, Mitsubishi Eclipse or a Mustang… I also found a great deal on a 99 Porsche Boxster that a seller has that is way underpriced and I d love to buy it (first choice). My question is, can I claim that my dad is really the owner of the Porsche (or other car) and say that I am a temporary driver, and then have me drive it all the time and take it back and forth to school, etc, knowing my parents together already have 2 vehicles and 1 summer vehicle. I would take myself off of the temporary insurance on the Intrepid. My dad seems to think that an insurance company will not allow them to be primary drivers on 3 vehicles and 1 summer vehicle while having dependant children… But what if I did the insurance quotes online and got approved? I already did get quotes before, and I don t think I ran into any problems. But I want to be covered and in case I did need to make a claim, this method won t come back to bite me in the butt. What is anyone s take on this? Like I said, I cannot afford to pay the insurance on the car as a primary driver at this point, but paying for the car itself won t be a problem. I do realise that I will be paying for this way than I do at the moment because of the car, but instead of $3000 more I was thinking $400 more or something. Thanks for reading all the facts, any answers will be greatly greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone!

Can I use my friend s car if i am not added to his insurance in Mn?

I have a friend who has an extra car. he let me drive the car. He has a liability-coverage on the car and I don t have any car insurance before. Is it okay to drive? Liability insurance comes with cars or drivers?

Should i Register my car under my dad s name to get cheaper insurance?

How does it work? Do i buy the car under his name and register it under his name? OR Do i buy it under my name and register it under my name and just insure it under him? How does it work? EZ 10 Points here guys.

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies :

Do you need full coverage on a vehicle thats 4500 thaht you put a 1500 down payment on?!?!?

Because it doesn t make sense for the insurance to be more than the cost of the car

How much would it cost to insure a Toyota 1985 corolla AE86?

I m 18 and I am still under my parents insurance. I ve only been driving on my own for a month or so. The car is a two door coupe.

How much would small business insurance be?

This is for a marketing assignment. The business is a small gardening and cooking school for children. There are about 8 staff and activities should be pretty safe, since they re aimed at young people. The business is just starting out. What the instructions mention is: damage 2. public liability 3. vehicle 4. theft 5. personal disability 6. professional indemnity Kids hire their own bus to come here and staff ust use their own cars to go to and from work, so does the vehicle thing need to be included? The building is just a suburban rental property that costs us $400 rent each week. Also, this is just a minor part of the assignment, so a guess is fine. Thanks for any help!

I m 19, have a permit, but do I need insurance to drive with my mom?

Ok I got a permit, I got it last expires on April 30th. So I was wondering..if i go out and drive with my mom who has a license, do I need to get my own insurance as well? My moms car is insured. I live in California. I haven t driven a whole year because i can t afford my own insurance right now. Lol so do I need to get my own insurance even though my mom and her car are insured? If I get stopped by the cops will I get in trouble? Thnx in advance

Who does cheap moped insurance in the uk?

im 16 and just got a moped, im just looking for my cheapest option. any suggestions?

How much does Dental Insurance Cost in Chicago Illinois. ?

What type of insurance? What insurance provider? My teeth are in pretty good shape, my wisdom teeth are gone and i don t need braces. I want a policy that covers me for the basics like checkups / cleaning / cavities. I would like it to be able to see the dentist near me and have 80% or better covered by insurance. Where should i go? Thanks in advance.

What happens if a driver is added to an auto insurance plan?

I know that the rates will go up, but what happens when a driver is added during the middle of a 6 month coverage period?

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How much would it cost to insure a Toyota 1985 corolla AE86?

 Car insurance question?

Im 18 (female) i just bought a 1994 ford explorer. I have my license and stuff. First time im getting insurance. I need coverage to fix my car if i was in an accident and fix the other persons etc. Would it be cheaper to the car in my dads name and get insurance under him? Hes 58 and stable job for years and good credit. Thanx

About how much does motorcycle insurance cost?

and is it more than car?…about…

Is the high cost of health care and insurance the result of…??

malpractice suits or profiteering on the part of HMO s and insurance companies?

CAR INSURANCE?????????????

when buying a car i know you have to have car insurance before you drive up but does that necessarliy means they want know you have it but do they let you drive off the lot first or do you give the dealership the insurance money!!!!!!??????????????/

Is it covered under insurance?

i want to change my old cavities to the white cavities to match my teeth. i hate to open my mouth in front of people because i have so many cavities. the thing is, is it covered under insurance and is it expensive?

Will car insurance cost more if i fail my road test?

How to get off my parents insurance?

I have insurance through my dad but because of a $5000 deductible and my income it is useless to me. He refuses to let me off it. Also refuses to let me get off of it. I m 20 years old and could go to the health department nearly free if only I didnt have medical insurance> HOW DO I GET OFF THIS?

About how much will insurance increase if you lightly rear end a car but you just got your license at 16?

Someone i know has Geico insurance and turned sixteen in August. He got his license a few months ago and really lightly rear ended a car today. I mean you cant even tell its hit unless you analyze the back. So about how much do you think the insurance will go up?

Best motorcycle to buy in Hawaii for college?

I prefer a Harley Davidson but any suggestions would be great. 0-2500$ must be good on insurance

A car is registered on my name, im only 18 years old male and i want to get a cheaper car insurance.

a car is registered on my name, im only 18 years old male and i want to get a cheaper car it possible if i could get my friend to insure my car on his name as the main driver because he has like more than 5 years no claims discount bonus which makes the car insurance go down and im just going to be the second driver? but the car is registered on my name. is it still possible if i could do that and get below a 1000 pounds insurance for a year?? thanks for the answers in advance. IM FROM UK ENGLAND by the way

Why exactly do women pay lower insurance rates than men ?

Why after almost 4 years in office, can we not get affordable health insurance that was promised us?

I have a preexisting condition which makes it difficult to get affordable Health Insurance. I have found that it is better in some instances to have no insurance then to have it and not get quality coverage. The limited indemnity insurance does not cover what it is worth to go to the hosipital. Pays $100 on a $4000 bill.

Who has cheap auto insurance in Austin?

I need to find auto insurance that is not as much as my car payment. Can anyone suggest an agency please?

Where can I Find Reliable Cheap Life Insurance Quotes?

I recently started a home internet based business. When I was just starting out I went without insurance for a while. Now that things are going well I would like to buy a life insurance policy. There are a ton of life insurance sites, but most of them seem biased or focused on an individual provider. Where can I find a good life insurance quote site that is unbiased or gives me quotes from a wide array of services? Also, are there any good tips for saving money buying life insurance for small business owners?

Should i Register my car under my dad s name to get cheaper insurance?

How does it work? Do i buy the car under his name and register it under his name? OR Do i buy it under my name and register it under my name and just insure it under him? How does it work? EZ 10 Points here guys.

What are a list of cars that are cheap to insure? and is a 1990 geo metro cheap to insure?

What are a list of cars that are cheap to insure? and is a 1990 geo metro cheap to insure?

How much would it cost to insure a Toyota 1985 corolla AE86?

I m 18 and I am still under my parents insurance. I ve only been driving on my own for a month or so. The car is a two door coupe.

What would the insurance on a 2000 corvette be?

What would the average state farm insurance for a 2000 corvette be for a 15 year old. No comments about not getting a 15 year old the car, just answers to the insurance question.

Average monthly car insurance in Vegas?

I m loking at getting a 2001 bmw 325i. (no my parents arent buying this for me. its my money that i earned at work). I m an 18 year old male. If you could give me a general idea of how much id be paying monthly that would be GREAT. I do vote people as best answer so if i like your answer ill give you 10 points 🙂

Auto insurance rates?

How much would you say Progressive or Allstate charges for auto insurance? I m talking for one person, paying for one car.

What car is quite cheap to buy and is also cheap on insurance for a first time driver?

my parents are gettin me a car but im payin insurance .. any ideas?

I`ve just passed my driving test at the age of 25 anyone know of any cheap car insurers?

I`ve just been given a suzuki swift, anyone know of any cheap insurance companies, as i`ve been quoted some stupid prices.

Does my employer have a right to my car insurance information?

I don t even drive to work, my husband drives me to work and then drives himself to work. And I tell them that I don t use my car for work and that my husband drives me to work. So the way I see it, they don t need that information, and the car insurance is in my husband s name, not mine.

What is the cheapest auto insurance for college students?

There are so many companies I can t check them all. I should mention that I live in Michigan. I m not a full time student so I generally don t apply for those discounts. But I have a clean driving record and have had my license for almost six years. So far I have found the esurance is the cheapest. But I was wondering if there is anything cheaper out there?

Need cheap car insurance, already looked into geico and progressive?

what s a good, AFFORDABLE company i can go to for auto insurance? i m a 19 yr old female, living in dallas, tx marital status: separated

Car insurance for a volkswagen beetle??

Ok so i want to get a volkswagen beetle, but it will be my first car. I know that if i get tone that s old enough i don t have to pay road tax. but how much would it cost for a 17yr old s insurance? thanks

What is the Maximum car insurance firms are LEGALLY ALLOWED to charge you monthly on a vehicle?

Let s take for example a Buick Lacrosse. What if people realized that the car had potential to be modified into a race car. So people start racing them, And there are 100 accidents a day caused by the drivers of those Buicks. How much can car insurance charge people? Is the maximum $1000/month? Is there no limit?

How much should I be paying a month in car insurance?

I m going to be buying a car hopefully in the next two weeks, and I m just wondering what the average rate I should be paying for car insurance should be. I m 23, live with my parents, would be parking in the garage, and the car I would be buying is a 2012 Honda Civic LX. I would mostly be using it for commuting to and from work, I ve never had a car before so I know it s probably going to be somewhere around $300/month. Note: I live in Canada so if you re in the states there will probably be a big difference in how much I pay.

Is there affordable insurace for me?

I am currently employed at a wonderful job with great insurance, but my baby is due in January and my husband and I would really love for me to be able to stay home. The only problem with that is, my husband is self-employed and we would not have insurance if I quit my job. We live in Missouri, is there affordable insurance out there for us. I have looked into Medicaid, but I believe that my husband makes just a little too much too qualify. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Cheap health insurance?

what is the cheapest health insurance in california? i am male 22, i do not smoke..

Does my insurance go up after I get a ticket in someone else car? Or the owner of the car insurance goes up?

I got pulled over for speeding and the officer never asked for the insurance card. Since he didn t ask for the insurance card, does that mean my pay rate will be the same? Or can the insurance company find out by the tag number? Please inform me because this is my first time. Thanks! Also remember I was in someone else car.

Will car insurance cost more if i fail my road test?

Where can i get the cheapest car insurance?

i live in virginia

Car and home insurance together…?

I recently purchased a new car and will close on a home in 2 weeks. I am looking for auto and home insurance in NJ. I called Geico today – got a decent quote. But they dont have home insurance in the area. All State gave me a quote for their platinum one and told me they ll give me the other packages in a minute – put me on hold for 25 mins and I hung up (again they dont have home insurance in my area). Anyone has any experience with TWG insurance? My car dealer gave me their info. I searched for reviews in NJ – nothing, They re TX based and have both home and auto…not sure if it is good for NJ. This is my first car and home. Any advise on what to look for esp for my car. What are the grey areas that they can con you? What are the most important points to look for? Any suggestions on good plans in NJ?

How much would it cost to insure a Toyota 1985 corolla AE86?

I m 18 and I am still under my parents insurance. I ve only been driving on my own for a month or so. The car is a two door coupe.

How do I get insurance for my new car?

Ok so I ve been in the market for a new car and I ve pretty much decided on a Honda Civic. I m trading in the car that I currently have insurance for. Obviously you have to have insurance to drive off of the lot in your new car..So do I have to get all new insurance for my new car? How do I do that when I don t even have the vin or anything? Or does my current insurance count? Please help! Thanks

Cheapest car insurance???

what is the best place to get the cheapest car insurance???

There have been caps of $250K for healthcare lawsuits in California for years, and insurance premiums didnt?

….go down one cent! If fact they are still among the highest in the country. How will this help reform healthcare according to conservatives? When in fact all it does is funnel more cash into their Wall Street supporters pockets?

What s good insurance for young adults?

I m 21 & I currently have insurance with the car lot I purchased my car from. What are good full coverage but affordable insurances?

How much do you pay for car insurance?

How much do you pay monthly for car insurance? I need to buy a car soon. How much should I budget monthly for car insurance?

Cheapest car insurance? Don t care if my car gets damaged.?

Hi, I have a really old car that I just want to use to get around town. I don t care if it gets damaged in a crash or whatever, because it already looks terrible. SO, how do I get the most basic and cheapest car insurance? Does anybody know what company will charge the least for insurance?

Insurance company problem?

My gf s son was in an accident last Saturday; not his fault. Other driver pulled out in front of him and police have assigned full liability to that driver. His truck is a 86 Nissan D21 pickup and the damage is pretty bad. Estimate so far is about $3800 to fix and lists this vehicle s value at $2100 (actually had to use an 87 to compare; they don t have older). Clearly the insurance is going to total the vehicle. Yesterday we finally got the rental car (son is driving her car). Today the insurance company is telling her that she can only have the car till Saturday. I m thinking she keeps the car until the matter is resolved. That is, she has a check in hand for the market value of the vehicle or it is fixed. Secondly: the check won t cover fixing the vehicle yet it s a great little truck and worth fixing. Engine appears to be fine as does the chassis. Can we sue the driver for the difference between the settlement and the repair?

How do I get general insurance?

I need to have insurance before I get to the car dealership, as it is a car dealer that works with banks to allow people to finance cars that have bad credit, and low work history. This is the best option for me, but all the car insurance places I contact are asking for the make and model of a vehicle….. What do I do? I need general insurance. What insurance allows you to drive Any car you want to drive/have permission from the owner? Is there such an insurance?

Is it legal to have car insurance on your vehicle under someone s parent s name?

Is it legal to have car insurance if it s in someone else s name, and they are aware and okay of it? The specific situation is, I am getting a car from my dad, and the auto insurance is going to be under his name still. I am a licensed driver, and need to figure this out, because I do not want to drive with his insurance, if it is illegal.

Health Insurance should be illegal?

Why not? Hospital fees would fall drastically! Funny how no body really knows what the hospitals charge… And funny how socialist countries are ranked above U.S. Oh yeah and I love how doctors in U.S. are pill salesmen…. Pathetic. Eliminate Health Insurance and guess what!!! Healthcare will be affordable! what you think?!

Has anyone from Florida had any experience with Tower Hill homeowners insurance?

We re insurance shopping after we found out State Farm is charging us WAY too much. Tower Hill has given a great quote but I can t seem to find one their customers to talk to. Has anyone dealt with them?

Car Insurance companies?

I have car insurance on my 2010 ford focus. When i signed up with them they never asked me about my title. it does have a salvage title but they never asked me if it had one or not. I have been insured with them for approximately almost 2 years with A+ plus driving history. I had some small damage that has been done to my car by a citizen of whom I have no idea but that scratch the sides of my vehicle with I guess the key or some type of odd objects. I put a claim in to have my car to be looked at and to have them to pay me the value of what my vehicle was worth. I ve been paying full coverage since the day I started with them. when I put the claim in is when they discovered that it had a salvage title. Theey did send me a check for the amount of damages. this is an out of state check so its not able to be cash immediately. I have two questions I would like to ask. 1. are they able to put a stop on this check. 2. the retention department has been calling me what is the retention

How much on average do you pay for auto insurance?

My mother is kicking me off her auto insurance and i can t get an online quote because she also took my car away but says i still need insurance to drive any car. She lies sometimes so idk what average insurance cost and idk how to get it without having a car to put it under?

How much does the cheapest insurance cost for a honda fit in the US?

i heard that cars r pretty cheap in the US, but insurance is a must they say??!, im from south east asia, and they sell cars triple the price here but dont required insurance, so how much is the average insurance for a honda fit in springfield virginia???

Car burned in fire with no insurance.?

My car was at the mechanic s shop in my local town and was parked behind a house that sat in front of the shop. The house caught on fire throughout the night (we don t know …show more

Astra van Mk4 Insurance for 17 year old…?

Hey, I know its probably thought as weird but for my first car/van I want a Vauxhall Astravan as I love the shape and the car/van itself. The thing is the New model (06-TO current) have the 1.3 CDTI engine which is good but if you want a decent one there all £3000+… The Mk4 astravan (98-06) only go as low as a 1.6 Deisel. Could I be insured on this or would it be a big bill, or is it just worth getting a normal car? Chris

Does anyone know of a high deductable, low premium health insurance?

I am looking for a catastrophic insurance policy where I would have a deductable of $10,000… I would pay for office visits and prescriptions.