Whats a cheap insurance?

Whats a cheap insurance?

I m 18 and live near garland just liability

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies : insuranceforcheap.info

I lower my car insurance deductible a week ago, would the insurance company accept my claim today?

Because of the bad snowy weather we been having, I recently lower my car deductible from $1000 to $250 . My car just sliped today and hit a curve. I took it to have it checked, and the shop told me it would be around $3000 to get the car fix. Would my insurance company think that i lower my deductible after the incident happened? Would they cover the damage? Should i wait before trying to file the claim?


im thinking of buying new f450. I found out they need to be commercialy insured. its just a pickup. does anyone have a guess at what the cost would be good driver record.would it be more than a regular pickup?

How much for mobile home insurance in California.?

I m looking into buying a mobile home in California. I was wondering how much the average annual premium would be. The value of the home will be around 40-70k, the coverage isn t all that important for this is only temporary, but I would like a little bit over the basic. I know it is hard to give an estimate off of the top of your head but anything helps. Thanks!

Im a 20 year old male and im thinking about getting my first motorcycle. I need suggestions.?

Like i said im a 20 year old student looking into getting a bike. Most of my friends have them and they tell me how much they enjoy riding so i d like to take up the hobby and …show more

Whats a cheap insurance?BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies : insuranceforcheap.info

Auto insurance wont pay for damages?

I was involved in a bumper to bumper accident(at fault) in a borrowed car(my fathers) here in California. Now i get a call from the insurance that they wont pay for damages to the other vehicle because im not in the policy. Im not excluded from the policy either. My father only has liability insurance. Does the insurance has to pay for damages by law?

Auto insurance for teens?

OK so i will be getting my license in around 2 months. So i have began to look for cars. My parents and i have decided to cut the cost 50/50. But my question is what do i do about insurance? Do i go onto their plan? My dad doesn t want to buy a car yet cause he doesn t want to have to pay for the insurance as soon as we buy the car. I do want to buy the car somewhat soon so that i could practice with it for my driving test. So could someone just explain how we should go about getting insurance? Should we put the car under my parent s plan and will it be very expensive? (I live in NJ btw) Thanks!

What happens if you get caught without auto in card in Texas in an accident in an insured car?

What happens if you get caught without auto in card in Texas in an accident in an insured car?

Whats a cheap insurance?

I m 18 and live near garland just liability

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies : insuranceforcheap.info

Buying Insurances with a G1 licenses in Ontario.?

I recently just bought a car. Its registered to me. Although it does not have any insurances right now. I have my G1, but I want to insure this car now, so I can drive it. (obviously with a licensed driver). I think I read that I can purchase insurances as a G1 driver, and just list someone else as the primary driver, until I get my G2. Does anyone know how expensive this might be? If I had my G2, the lowest insurance quote for my car I could find is about $450 a month. However, since I will be listing someone else as a primary driver, like my dad, would the price be significantly cheaper?

Health insurance for a single 23 year old male?

Well I have a couple of questions of how does this health insurance work. Do i automatically qualify right away after i pay all the fees? I want to know an estimate of which insurance best fits me and so on. I m new to this so any advice will do. I have a link that has 10 best health insurance but don t know which to choose. http://health.usnews.com/health-plans/ca…

Car insurance car location?

Hi, im looking to buy a car that i would occassionally use. i work in birmingham and live in the city centre but need a car for oncall. when im not oncall i get the train. when i dont need the car i would leave it in nottingham with my parents where my dad would occassionally use it. the car would be kept more at the nottingham address than my birmingham one. insurance is cheaper at nottingham so can i put that as the car location even though it would sometimes be in birmingham. it sounds obvious but an insurance company has really confused me saying it must be in birmingham which makes no sense as the car would be kept more in nottz. ive been told insurance companies will try there hardness to avoid paying out say for example if the car was stolen. please help!

What is a good insurance company for health insurance?

in a month i will need health insurance for my wife where can i go to get good honest help do you know of any insurance companies to stat away from or recommendations

Health insurance for wrestling..?

hi im a soon to be freshmen joining the wrestling team, and i dont have health insurance.. coach says i do, or i cant play. can someone please tell me a cheap health insurance coverage? my family is not financialy strong.. so please help me out here

What is a good type of home owner insurance to get?

I may be purchasing my first home on a land contract from a person that i know that owns the house out right. the land contract would be a five year contract or sooner if i can afford to pay the house off. i have lived in the house at one time, not for sure about a few things on the house. i was wondering if anyone may know of a website or a website that may give an estimate quote on home owners insurance on the home i may be buying. i wanted to get some idea of how much it may be and what home owners insurance covers. i have looked at a few websites, but there are a lot of different things to include in insurance and different requirements that may need to be met before the house is insured. the house is a bit of a fixer upper and needs lots of tender loving care before its decent. its livable but i need insurance if i buy it. the owner who is selling isn t requiring insurance, but i want to be smart and safe and have insurance. any suggestions? i must give an answer to the owner tomorrow, because i know he has others wanting to buy. i don t want to get into something that i have no clue about before purchasing. i am looking and getting the idea, but was looking for tips or more info. thanks

Lowering my car insurance premium by putting my car under my roommate s policy?

I m 20 years old and I own a car. I pay a lot for my own insurance. But I live with a 25 year-old roommate. Is there anyway I can lower my insurance premium by putting my car under his insurance policy because we live together in the same household. What do I need to do? We don t have the same insurance company and does that mean I have to terminate my current insurance and switch to his company? Or a lot more need to be done? I have no clue. This means big savings for me so please help. Thank you!

What is the cheapest insurance for a 17 year old driver?

What is the cheapest insurance for a 17 year old driver?

Whats a cheap insurance?

I m 18 and live near garland just liability

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies : insuranceforcheap.info

Do traffic schools, particularly in California, prevent an increase in auto insurance rates?

I just received my first traffic ticket 🙁

How much is YOUR car insurance a month?

I know the make, model, and various other factors will affect my future car insurance search, but I d really like to hear it from real people..if you would be so kind as to share with me? :O)

Van insurance young driver?

im 20 years old, been driving for 3 years with 1 year no claims, im a qualified tiler but i cant find van insurance cheaper than 6 grand anywhere its a joke, so i cant work cause i need a van wtf can i do

How do Insurance companies pay for medical bills?

I was in an accident last year that led to me being in the ICU for a few days. I incurred a hefty medical bill as a result. The accident was not my fault, and the driver was insured. I am going to a mediation to decide how the money the insurance company can pay will be divided between those of us that were injured. My question is, when we come to an agreement, will the insurance company send me a check or will they send a payment to the hospital where I owe money?

How much is it to get car insurance at 16?

How much is it to get car insurance at 16?

What kind of car insurance for a adapted van?

Ok I have a 1993 Dodge Caravan. I am disabled so it has a ramp that is let out and brought back in. It has disabled hand controls and a drivers seat that raises and lowers and turns around.. just a bit more than your average seat does now-a-days.. this van was adapted when it was made.. so i have no receipts on the modifications or anything.. i could get an estimate from a local store that deals in strictly handicapped equipment.. how do i properly insure this van? I need to make sure that if it is ever totaled that i dont get just blue book. since i have to have a adapted van (i live in a rural area and there is no dependable handicapped public transportation) i have the permanent general insurance now, with a $1000 on the custom equipment. but i worry thats not enough or maybe even doesnt cover my handicap adaptions. the agent with them was snappy, rude, and didnt know anything.. ugh! what company should i go to? what do i need to have in my policy? help! i keep getting all this bad advice from the insurance companies because no one knows what to do!!!

International student health insurance US?

My college requires insurance. I am already in the US so I won t be able to purchase a plan from insurance provider from my homecountry. Can anyone give some suggestions of affordable and reputable insurance provider that you have used? I did some googling but I would want to confirm that the insurance companies are indeed legit. Thanks!

Do car rental companies ask for proof of insurance?

Here s my circumstances, I m 22(have credit card in my name) and am going to rent a vehicle. I had insurance for 4-5 years, have never been at an at fault accident and have one speeding ticket, so I m a pretty good driver, when gas was near $4.00 I traded in my vehicle, and it s fine as I bike everywhere as it s all close to me. I m having family over for a couple days and need a car though, it s easy to drive around town, I m almost 100% sure I wont get in a wreck, but I have a feeling the insurance would be more expensive than the rental itself which is ridiculous for someone with a driving record such as mine. Can I say purchase just liability and then sign something that says I ll pay for the rental if I do any damages, what would be the cheapest way to get out of this?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies : insuranceforcheap.info

What is the cheapest van to insure?

Ive just passed me test (finally, at 21) and i havent had a car or van insurance quote under 1900…. The cheapest ive had is a peugeot partner pre yr 2000, even smaller fiestas and ka vans are £2000+ are there any vans out there at prices that arent gonna cost me £190 a month

How does car insurance work?

My boyfriend and i were talking after we saw an accident on the highway it was clearly the older mans fault. My boyfriend was saying how it sucked that even though he hit the lady she still had to pay her deductible (usually around $500) to get her car fixed. I was always under the impression that the reason we had insurance was to insure that we didnt get stuck paying for someone elses dumb *** mistake. anyone know how this actually works?

1 day or Weekend Auto Insurance?

Hi Guys, I have a car that has no insurance on it since i am not using it any more but still runs good. I need to travel to NY from Detroit this weekend and again don t need it any more there in NY. Are there any cheap Auto Insurance firms that give us auto insurance for the weekend only. Thanks a lot for the help.

Whats the cheapest bike insurance for a 1st time biker – 21 yrs – 125cc only CBT done?

Any gd experience to pass on? (Honda CG125)

Whats a cheap insurance?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies : insuranceforcheap.info

Car accident, not at fault, but no insurance, other driver has no license. what to do?

my parents got into a car accident with another driver. however, it wasn t their fault. in addition, my parents don t have insurance for that car because they just go it about 2 months ago (used.) but we have 2 other vehicles that are insured. does that mean that our car is technically under the policy? The other driver, who was at fault, HAS NO LICENSE but has an identification card, and has insurance. (her license is probably suspended) what are my parent s options?

Whats a cheap insurance?

I m 18 and live near garland just liability

Would a married male receive a lower auto insurance rate?

Would a married male receive a lower auto insurance rate?

What is the price of a mini copper and its insurance?

just wondering what the price of a mini copper is to buy and the cheapest insurance? Details would be helpful Thankx

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies : insuranceforcheap.info

What is the best company to buy term life insurance?

I m trying to find a company to purchase term life insurance. I want a good brand and not some scam. Thanks to anyone that replies.

How much is car insurance for a 17 year old girl?

I am nearly 17 and am really excited about learning to drive. I would really like to be driving my own car by the end of the year, however I d really like to know how much car insurance is going to be for me, so that I can save up a little. Every time I go onto any car insurance website, it asks for my car registration and when I passed my test, which obviously I haven t done yet, so it seems really pointless, and there s no way of avoiding or trying to trick it. Does anyone have any ideas of how much roughly it costs, for a 17 year old girl if your living in England?

17-19 year old UK drivers, How much are you paying for your insurance?

I recently passed my test, I am 18 and now looking for insurance that is cheap. Well… it seems that they are absolutly Bludy expensive!. I mean the cheapest one I saw was about £4500 year! :O So how much are you paying? Who are you with? and Are you insured as a named driver or main driver of your/your parents car?

Car insurance question?

how much is it for a 17 year old for a year of insurence if i have my own car? btw i have allstate and i will be on my parents plan

Do you have to have vehical insurance?

do you have to have an insurance. I just want to use it for awhile.

How much would a 1986 mustang convertible insurance be?

I m seventeen and I m looking into getting a this mustang and I wanted to know how much it would be with a the classic car plates on? My friend has a 1979 camaro and his is only $88, but this mustang has a 5.0 so it is bigger than his.

Cheapest insurance company for newly drivers? (UK)?

Cheapest insurance company for 17 s? Also how can I get my insurance to be as lowest as possible?

Does anyone know the average 1st car insurance payment & subsequent payments for teen girls in Florida?

On average, does anyone know how much the 1st payment is? My parents are thinking it d be around $2,000. And does $600 sound about right for subsequent payments?

Do you like or dislike 21st Century auto insurance?

A long time ago, when they were named 20th Century, their rates seemed competitive. Does anyone reading this have their insurance now? What advantages do they have, that would make you choose them over other insurance companies?

BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies : insuranceforcheap.info

Insurance cost for 2.3l fox body mustang 16 year old?

I am 16 and considering purchasing a 2.3l four cylinder mustang. These were made from the mid 80 s to early 90 s. They have like no power but get good mpg. I am worried that insurance companies would see the word mustang and give me a high rate. BTW my sister is 17 and pays only 50 a month on a family plan for a 1995 suzuki sidekick.

Whats a cheap insurance?

I m 18 and live near garland just liability

How can I get affordable health insurance for my family while i m off work..?

I applied for medacaid but they said I make to much money. even thou i m off from work with no insurance and very little sick leave pay.

All the obamacare plans probably have better benefits than your current health insurance. bad news?

September 2013 An Early Look at Premiums and Insurer Participation in Health Insurance Marketplaces, 2014 Cynthia Cox, Gary Claxton, Larry Levitt, Hana Khosla Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), individuals and families may purchase private insurance coverage through new state-based exchanges (or “Marketplaces”), which are set to open in October of this year for coverage beginning January 1, 2014. In states that decide against operating their own exchanges, the federal government will either run the exchange or work in partnership with the state to create an exchange. Regardless of whether an exchange is state-run or federally-facilitated, enrollees with family incomes from one to four times the federal poverty level (about $24,000 to $94,000 for a family of four) may qualify for tax credits that will lower the cost of coverage through reduced premiums and, in some cases, also be eligible for subsidies to reduce their out-of-pocket costs. This report presents an early look at insurer participation and exchange premiums –both before and after tax credits –for enrollees in the 17 states plus the District of Columbia that have publicly released comprehensive data on rates or the rate filings submitted by insurers. These include eleven states operating their own exchanges and seven defaulting to a federally-facilitated exchange. Plan availability and premiums for all states are expected to be available by October 1.

Insurance with car or person in Georgia?

My wife has been allowing her father to use her car to work as a pizza delivery man while his car is getting fixed. We don t have her car listed as a business vehicle, but he says that if he wrecks it his insurance will cover it. I m not sure if he is correct or not, but I don t know the law in Georgia. I m afraid he ll get in a wreck and we ll get sued or have our insurance policy canceled. Is he correct? Thanks.

How much would car insurance be?

I am an 18 year old college student. I have been driving for no years,no accidents or anything. I was looking at a mitsubishi eclipse gts Spyder yesterday but the insurance was too high and the convertible had something to do with it. Anyways I found a mistsubishi eclipse hatchback GT today and was wondering if it would be lower than the Spyder? Also I m looking at a 2001 Toyota Celica GT. How much do you think insurance runs on that? Anyways I just want to know before I fall my insurance company

Car modifications and insurance?

I was wondering which modification to a car can increase the price of car insurance, could something as small as alloys affect it? And if you have already had the car for a while then make modifications do you have to tell the insurance company?

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I need to get car insurance im 17 year old male see more info below.?

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Whats a cheap insurance?

 Why would insurance pay double what someone paid for a motorbike?

If a motorbike was stolen and returned with minimal damage why would the insurance company pay out twice what the bike cost?


I am thinking of getting renters insurance. What is the cost of most average cost of most polices?

Live in a 2 story, downstairs apartment ground floor, one level., I have a doxie (weiner dog), my son who is an adult and my husband.

Is there insurance you can get that will cover pregnancy?

I just found out that I am pregnant and I don t have insurance and I make to much for State covered insurance. Is there an insurance company out there that covers pregnancy now?

What is one day liability insurance and where do I get it from?

I want to rent a hall our for my sons birthday party, and the owners said we need one day liability insurance through our insurance. What is it though? And through what insurance of mine do I get it? Also is it expensive? I ve never heard of anything like this before and its just making the party planning process that much more stressful. Thanks so much

Georgia average auto insurance payout for pain and suffering?

if a uninsured person get hit by insured person who hit and ran and there is pain and suffering with personal injury what is the average payout?

I lower my car insurance deductible a week ago, would the insurance company accept my claim today?https://storify.com/leverettforrest/how-much-would-insurance-cost-on-a-mitsubishi-lanc

Giving a police report to your insurance….?

I need to give a copy of a police report to my insurance company for an act of vandalism to my parents car. I am 20 and I was using the car when it was vadalized. In the report it stated how I suspected my ex girlfriend of doing the act. It states specific information such as her age, ethnicity, address, etc. I have very overbearing parents who are consistently trying to control my life. I told them about the incident but not the specifics and I really do not want them to find out any information about my ex girlfriend because it may cause problems. My parents told me they were going to try and get the police report I filed. Can they do this, or can the report only be requested by the party who filed the grievance. I already got the report for my insurance records because they requested a copy, but how much of the report do I have to give them. There is one page that has the basic information which excludes the name of my ex. Another page provides a narrative which states specifics about the incident and how we broke up etc. Do I have to provide that to the insurance company as well?

What is the best insurance in FLorida for a small child that is not hugely expensive?

I am trying to find a good plan to switch my daughter to in Florida. We are waiting to hopefully get Kidcare but if it falls thru does anyone have a plan they love that doesnt cost hundreds a month?

Does car insurance cover this..?

my freind borrowed my car and he and his father went to the mall,his father got into a car accident which was his fault.now the car is totaled.i only have basic insurance does that cover my car or am i out of a car?

Looking for best LIC insurance for Child?

Hello, I am new to this insurance/policy stuffs…i am looking for best LIC policy for kids… Please share some sites where i can get basic education about insurance policies… thanks


Is unemployment insurance really an insurance?

1. What other insurance allows people who are guaranteed to be unemployed to be on it (such as actors, waiters, other short term employed workers)? 2. What other insurance is mandatory? Or, specifically, unlike car insurance, who is actually affected by being uninsured if one is unemployed?

Is Insurance rates on red cars more expensive?

Is Insurance rates on red cars more expensive?

Is it better to repair cars with insurance company or known mechanic?

I met with an accident the other day where a drunk guy hit me at the rear end of my totyotal avalon. there is considerable body work to be done. i dont know if there may be any …show more

How much does a VW Golf GTi 2003 – 2008 cost on insurance? Help 🙁 !?!?

I know a golf gti is very costly to insure which is a bummer! =/ Cheapest quote possible. Oh and it has to be Fully Comp! Haha have a feeling its going to cost an arm and a leg to insure. And which Car Insurance site is the best to use? Would be very helpful for some answers back 🙂 Just need a rough idea how much its going to cost, so i could start saving and miss out the student nights and all the wonderful drinking with the mates. J x

What company do you have your home owner s insurance with?

Buying house and need to get some home owner s insurance, need a few places to get quotes from.

Cheapest insurance for teens in northern ireland??

im trying to get insurance in my own name (policy) but everywhere seems to be way way too expensive! i was hoping for something around £2000 but the cheapest i found is £3400 for a group 4 insurance car!

Whats a cheap insurance?

I m 18 and live near garland just liability

Maternity Insurance?

I m looking for health insurance that I can have for basic coverage, and at somepoint (if needed) add maternity coverage. Everything I have looked at so far will only cover …show more

How can i find good affordable insurance?

How can i find good affordable insurance?


In Holland, what are the average odds of insurance paying for car dents and scratches caused by another?

I got drunk and accidentally crashed my bike into a car, which didn t look very expensive. If it s likely that insurance doesn t pay, I ll try to pay for it myself

Buying a new auto insurance policy on a used car?

So im buying my first auto insurance policy (my parents dont want to add me to theirs) for my car. Will i have to pay the premium up front, or will i have to pay in 6 month installments?

Is it legal for the car insurance to be in a name other than person paying the monthly car payment?

My sister s husband passed in November. Their car is in both my sister s and her husband s name; however, my sister can not drive and does not have a driver s license. She wants to keep the car insurance on the vehicle, but to do that she would need to have a valid driver s license. Soooo, she has asked me to get the vehicle insurance in my name using my driver s license. My question is this: Am I in ANY way responsible for anything that happens to/in/with the car if I am not the driver? I use my car and driver s license for work and I can not have blemishes on my driving record or my criminal background

How much does insurance generally cost?

-Health insurance -Car insurance (for a mustang GT, a newer model) -House insurance The house is 2.5 baths, 3 bedrooms and 150,000 dollars. This is for a school project. Seperate answers, please.

Is lowering ur car high for insurance?

So I m in a situation with my dad in buying a car which is my first car. It s an 96 integra. First ima start off saying I m interested in import cars just the way it looks. And I find this car on Craigslist that s already been lowered. I m Tryna convince him about it. But he thinks its gunna be high insurance. Can someone tell me what he s worried about? He thinks I like low cars so I could hug turns but I just like the style. Someone help me!!!!

How do i open a car insurance company?

my husband and i were thinking ofdoing this .We would sell insurance for geico or any other insurance company basically we would be the middle man. But we dont know who to talk to ? how to begin ?

Parents to buy car or insurance?

How can I persuade my parents to buy me a car or pay for my insurance (preferably insurance because that is more expensive). My dad said he is going to buy my sister a car and pay for her insurance but is going to make me get mine all on my own, even though I have better grades than her in school and I am more active outside – I play sports and do physical work. And to top it off, my test is in December, so I really will only have a car for the next 10 months as I will then be going to university, so the insurance won t even be that much. How can I persuade them?

Insurance sells up or down?

This is a question addressed to current ly licensed Insurance agents abroad; therefore, my question is concerning the economy crisis we Americans are facing right now and with that, is Life & health Insurance coverage on the fall or rise? I have been waiting to start this career but not too assured that right now is the best time for this.


What is the best / most reliable life insurance company?

I am a healthy 18 year old. Soon to move out of home and onto college. I plan for the future. I know how important it is to pre plan, I myself and going into the funeral business. What Life Insurance company offers affordable and reliable policies of $100,000 for a healthy young 18 year old male? How much would the monthly premium cost?

How much insurance would a 1977 Camaro be for a 16 year old?

My dream car has always been a Camaro. Recently me and my dad have been looking for project cars to fix up and stuff. We found a 1977 Camaro that only needs cosmetic work, so I ve been asking him about it. He says the insurance would be around $5000 a year. We could get the at around $2500 dollars. The Camaro has a 350 V8 engine and a T350 transmission. I m 16 right now but I turn 17 in 2 months. I ve had my license for 10 months with no tickets or accidents. I ve had 2 cars already, a 1997 Nissan Altima and a 1998 Chrysler Sebring (Which I pay about $90 a month for.) I am on my parents insurance, but I still pay for the car I drive. I know I won t get a perfectly accurate amount without asking our Insurance providers, but is my dad right when he says it would be $5000 a year?

Car insurance in new york state?

i know there are 3 types of car insurance; Liability,Compensation and another,and the combination of this three makes auto insurance very expensive,but i also heard you can chose the one that best suit your needs than to take all three so that your monthly auto insurance expenses could be slashed almost 75%.My question is,as a resident of NY state,am i allowed to just take the insurance i prefer,eg if i want just liability insurance,i just pick that one and ignore the others to lessen my monthly auto insurace.Is that allowed?From the online quote of GEICO which claims to be the cheapest in the NY state,am to pay $550,which is wayyyyyyyyyyy to expensive for a student like me and so heard about choosing one option of auto insurance.Can i just choose the form of insurance i want or is IT COMPULSORY TO TAKE FULL AUTO INSURANCE in NY or America as a whole?

If i buy a car how much car insurance does people usually pay per year? ?

if i buy a car how much car insurance does people usually pay per year?

I lower my car insurance deductible a week ago, would the insurance company accept my claim today?


Am i entitled to my unused car insurance?

After being with my car insurance company over 10 years now, I ve never had a claim in which they ve had to pay out. I recently purchased a new car and my rates skyrocketed I …show more

How much wll i pay for insurance if im 16??

aint got a fast car or anything but how much if my parent adds me on or how much would it be if i pay(if i could do that at 16)

Whats a cheap insurance?

I m 18 and live near garland just liability

Cheapest insurance company for a young driver without the blackbox?

i want to get a car but i dont want to pay 3grand with the black box. any other cheap insurance companies which insure young drivers with pass plus. thank you


Insurance for a teenager driving a sports car?

I ve been looking at cars since I m almost out of high school and I ll finally be able to get my own car. I m interested in the Infiniti G35 Coupe but I know that would be more expensive to insure than the sedan. My parents would be willing to make a deal where I pay the difference per month in insurance. Does anyone know how much more it would cost to insure over the sedan? Or any sports car for that matter. Also if the car was put under my moms name, would the cost be less?

Effects of Multiple Sclerosis on car insurance?

A friend of mine was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS just over a year ago. She had several bad relapses one after another but was then put on tysabri and has been getting better and better since then. She now feels ready to start driving again but is worried her insurance will be through the roof. She is in good health now and because of the tysabri is not likely to have a relapse again for at least a couple of years. Does anyone have any experience of trying to get car insurance if you have MS?

Why is car insurance so high?

I am just at a loss as a new driver. Passed my test recently and just cannot find affordable car insurance it s madness. The cheapest quotes that I am getting are £4000 and I think it s disgusting. And its annoying because they add all this criteria which just shouldn t matter. The system is ageist as well as sexist as young male, new driver just seems to be impossible to get insured for. I only have an old Renault Clio P reg and I paid a very small amount for it and I m just disgusted at the cost of it. I wanted to know if theres anything that can be done about it? I find it annoying as you can t change your age or your postcode or all this stuff that doesn t matter. I ve got home insurance that I pay waaaay less for a month is madness.

50 in a 40, first ticket ever. Insurance?

I got a ticket for going 50 in a 40 tonight. My gas was PASSED E, and I was turning into the gas station. I realize that doesn t do anything for my case. I m 17. I ve never been in a wreck, never been pulled over. The cop (who is a friend s dad) said that I go to court Oct 1 and if I m eligible for Defensive Driving I can take it, and it wont go on my driving record. Question is, does this affect my insurance rate at all? I pay my own insurance. I have State Farm.

Kaiser Insurance Premiums Refund?

I enrolled in Kaiser through State of California Employee Insurance program. Right after the enrollment, I cancelled the Kaiser in the middle of Febuary because my wife s employer had better deal for the familiy insurance. Kaiser sent me the insurance card. However, I have not used the Kaiser health insurance. State of California deducted my payment for the premiums. Since Feburary was the first month of the insurance coverage, and I have not seen the doctor with Kaiser, could I ask Kaiser to refund the premiums? Should I contact Kaiser directly or I have to go through State of California HR? Thanks.

Who are the best car insurance companies?

Im 17 ears of age livin in the UK. I really NEED to know te best car insurance companies. Ive not passed yet but i will have soon, il only be drivin an old punto or clio or summat. ideas please people! thanks

How much would auto insurance cost for a 16 year old male on a 1997 Chevrolet Camaro?

I am going to be getting my license soon, and I would like a car that has a nice look to it, but won t break my bank on insurance. I have a job, and I am a high school student. (As stated in the question) I am considering purchasing a 1997 Chevrolet Camaro for what I think is a fair price. I am wondering what an average monthly insurance cost would be from anyone educated in this area, since all of the insurance companies require you to submit all of your information or meet with them for a quote. I have a 3.983 cumulative GPA right now, and I am very cautious (Not saying accidents can t happen, but figure in a safe driver discount). Thank you in advance for any advice.

How much could I pay for my car insurance?

I m making a finance for my Kia spectra 2007. I m 18 and just got my liscence. It has to be full coverage. One insurance company told me 600 per month and that s just too much what do you think?

How much does it cost to insure a scooter??

I am considering buying a scooter (125cc) to commute to and from work. I am 29 and live in Tottenham, North London. How much approximately would I expect to pay in insurance – I plan to pay about £1000 for a bike.


I want to cancel my life insurance for a better one can i get my money back that i put in on it.?

are we allowed to get money back that we put towards life insurance.. if so how long do u have to have the policy to qualify for this. mines is only 7 months old. thanks.

Why is the insurance on my 1982-83 2.5L landie cheeper than my 0.9L corsa W reg?

i just dont see how the insurance on any landie could be cheaper than a corsa, especially as it is my first year driving, does anyone know why this could be?????

Why is insurance so expensive?

I don t know if it depends on what state we live in but I live in Arizona and my parents used to have insurance for everything like auto and health. Now, they don t have it anymore because they re struggling with money and the price increased. My parents were legal immigrants from Mexico since 1987 in Los Angeles, California until we moved to Arizona around the early 1990s(I don t know if that also has anything to do with insurance but I guess it does with money). I m starting to get frustrated that my family is very unfortunate to be suffering from this here in the United States.

What is public liability insurance? where can i get one?

im applying for business permit and one of the requirement is public liability insurance.

Where do I buy car insurance online?

Need to buy car insurance online and do not know how to go about it.

How can I lower my insurance rates at 19?

So I m 19 and my insurance is about 100 a month and i pay 400(really its 300 but I pay 400 so I can finish faster) flat a month for a 2012 Chrysler 200 but initially at 18 I wanted a challenger, but my insurance rate was going to be more than my car payment, so here I am at 19 almost 20 in a few months and am wanting to try my luck again at getting a challenger(my dream car) but just want to know if theirs anything I can do to lower my rate for a sports car, I ve built a substantial amount of credit I earn 30,000 a yr and have never wrecked is their anything else I can do? P.S I work hard and am a college student and in no way have received help from anyone to get what I want, I just work hard and want my dream car and feel like I can manage it but the insurance is killing me.

Does anyone have any idea how much it will cost to insure a learner in the UK?

I am just wondering if anyone vaguely knows how much it would be for me to be insured on my dad s insurance so I can learn with him as well as an instructor? Thanks x

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